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A new reality TV show is currently airing on the National Geographic Channel it is called “Doomsday Preppers”.

Although I find it interesting and will probably watch every episode, I have a suspicion that this show is nothing more than propaganda. More specifically, propaganda intended to make people engaged in disaster preparedness appear to be fringe lunatics.

I have not watched any episodes of this show yet so my opinion is based on pure speculation. Maybe once I do I will change my tune, or maybe Im right? (Since writing this, I have watched 1 episode. My opinion did not change, you will see why further in this post.)

The show is intended to highlight the most extreme cases of preparation. One can easily see how only showing extreme cases of preparation would effect the general opinion of the topic. On the contrary, the show “Hoarders” doesn’t make everyone with a storage shed full of junk guilty of hoarding. So I may be stretching a bit on this one.

Either way, if you read my blog, or are just curious about “preppers” keep in mind, like all groups, there are varying motivations and approaches.

I do not have preparations for any one disaster scenario (little own all of them). I have mostly attempted to plan for myself and my family in order to hedge against rising food costs and other costs of living. I have somewhat prepared for natural disasters, and after seeing our neighbor to the southwest, Joplin, destroyed by natural disaster and all of the totally unprepared people that there were, I feel compelled to do more. There are facts of life that we cannot escape, bad things happen, bad things can happen to good people, unexpected events occur every day, and ultimately we are responsible for caring for ourselves and our families.

UPDATE: I started writing this post before the first episode of Doomsday Preppers had aired. Since that time, a prepper shown in the first episode has been deemed “mentally deficient” by his doctor and has had his firearms confiscated by the police. Story here.

You be the judge, was I right? Is Doomsday Preppers just propaganda intended on discrediting the “prepping” movement?

Here is a great article and video. Watch and read and then tell me that preppers are paranoid and that there is no reason to have some extra food in the cupboard.

UPDATE: May 30, 2012- Prepper sentenced to prison time.