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A phrase taught in schools across the country. “When in doubt, FDR”. This phrase exists to help history students who may not know the answer to a question on an exam.

FDR did so many things that if you’re not sure what President did something, just guess FDR and you’ll probably be right!

Does this make him the greatest President in our history? In my estimation it makes him one of the worst.

Here is my application of the phrase, “when in doubt, FDR”. Take my exam and see how many of these questions can be answered with FDR. (Hint: all of them)

1.) This President issued executive order 6102, criminalizing the ownership of monetary gold. Punishment: 10 years in prison or a $10,000 fine. (In ’33, $10k was A LOT of money)

2.) This President used sanctions against another nation’s oil supply in an attempt to curb military advancements by that nation. (Japanese oil embargo of 1941, prior to the attack on Pearl Harbor)

3.) This President attempted to change the structure of the Supreme Court so that he could add new justices who were favorable to his proposed policies.

4.) This President started a social program aimed at assisting those individuals above the age of 65 with retirement through the taxing of wages. This tax was instituted when the average life expectancy was only 58 for men and 62 for women. (Social Security)

5.) This President ordered an entire segment of the US population to be forcibly removed from their homes, jobs, schools and placed in interment camps. (Japanese Americans)

6.) This President allowed the submarines of a foreign navy to dominate the Gulf of Mexico effectively killing all trade there. This President also allowed that same navy’s submarines to patrol our Eastern seaboard uncontested enabling them to sink hundreds of trade and passenger vessels. (Nazi U-Boats)

7.) This President presided over the loss of American territory to the invasion of a foreign military. (Hint: Japan’s invasion of Alaska)

8.) This President failed to take heed of warnings and adequately provide for the defense of Pearl Harbor prior to Japans “surprise” attack. (Congressman Martin Dies submitted a map of the planned Japanese attack to the President prior to December 7th 1941, it was ignored)

9.) This President used massive government stimulus to attempt to bring the country out of depression, as a result “the great depression” lasted for 23 years. (The New Deal)

10.) This President was known for cozy relationships with communist countries, he even appointed several communists to government office. (China, Russia, Judge Frankfurter among others)

So kids just remember, when in doubt, FDR.

* This is a blog post, I am not sourcing all of my information, if you doubt the validity of any of this please by all means research it yourself. If you believe something is false, post a rebuttal below.