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Rick Santorum’s big government side is beginning to shine through the blanket that Republican talk radio (GB, Hannity, Levin) has tried to put over it.

He has now publicly stated that he would “vigorously” work to end internet pornography if he is elected to the Presidency. (Vigorously Rick? Hahaha couldn’t he find a less pornographic way of saying it?) Add this new crusade to his opposition to equal rights for homosexuals, as well as his desire to bomb and pillage Iran and he has hinted for the same in Syria, then there are his establishment “team player” principles.

When you consider these points surely it is obvious why Rick Santorum is a front runner….he is definitely for the protection of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness (unless you are gay, muslim, or horny, then you don’t have those rights).

Please help spread the truth about Rick Santorum, I dont think everyone who supports him is aware of his extremist views. He claims that his priorities are fixing the economy and creating jobs (reducing unemployment). From his campaign rhetoric you could assume that those actually are his priorities. But, there are many interviews with Rick coupled with his prior history that show the contrary. In my opinion these are the strongest indicators of what he will actually prioritize to do once in office.

From his own words he will legislate from the oval office via executive order, I believe he will impose his extremist views on the general public through coercion and intimidation of Congress much like Obama has. I believe he will “fundamentally transform” America, just as his predecessor has done, if he is elected.

Do you remember candidate Obama? He talked about fixing the economy, and getting Americans back to work. We kept hearing whispers that he was a Marxist (in reality he is more of a Fascist), a few pointed out his troubling history on the topic of abortion, some suggested that he wouldn’t be the “peace” president that he was promising to be. In other words, the truth about candidate Obama was in his candid comments and his history as a state politician. What the Big Media covered was mostly empty campaign rhetoric. Don’t let this happen again. For whatever reason Rick Santorum is mostly getting a free pass from Big Media, as a result we may be headed toward another terrible Presidential election mistake in America.