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“Listen to me now: No president, not me, not any of my predecessors, no one could have fully repaired all the damage that he found in just four years”- Bill Clinton

Clinton also described Obama as “a man who is cool on the outside but who burns for America on the inside”, also Clinton stated that Obama has “laid the foundation for a more modern, more well-balanced economy.”

There a few problems with these statements uttered by the somewhat revered former President at the DNC recently.

Praiser’s of President Clinton’s words need to keep in mind that President Obama did not “find” these problems, he did not “inherit” the problems either. Obama spent a fortune of other peoples money and lots of his own to get the office of the President. The man didn’t fall out of the sky and into the oval office, he worked hard to get there. To say that he simply “inherited” or “found” the issues facing America when he took office implies that he was out of touch, uninformed, and frankly not ready for the Presidency. All of which were criticisms leveled by Republicans toward Obama that were vehemently denied and fought against by Obama supporters.

This type of rhetoric isn’t new to politics and Clinton knows this. Bill Clinton was openly blamed for 9/11 by many neo-conservatives who claimed that he gutted the military and made it possible for those terrorist acts to occur. They claimed that George Bush had inherited an America with weak national security. Clinton received a lot of blame through the first four years of  the Bush era from Republicans, the rhetoric was used as a crucial part of his re-election campaign in 2004.

It was the success of the Bush administration’s ability to convince its base that Bush wasn’t a bad President and that he just needed four more years of work that has inspired this very same propaganda by the Obama administration. It worked once, why couldn’t it work twice?

The next fallacy in Clinton’s statements was that he said Obama has “laid the foundation for a more modern, more well-balanced economy”.

It is the tendency of central planner types to assume that they are solely responsible for the growth and success of the economy. I find the hypocrisy of this mindset to be so blatant that I can’t conceive of how it is missed by so many. Think back to the much vaunted comments made a while back by Obama claiming that “you didn’t build that, somebody else did”. His comments set out to remove the individualism of America to remind us that government has an important role to play. He didn’t say that business didn’t accomplish anything, he said that business didn’t accomplish anything without some form of government assistance. But apparently in the mind of Bill Clinton this isn’t a 2 way street. Government is crucial to the success of business, but businesses and business people are not crucial to the success of  the economy and/or the government. If Obama has “laid the foundation” for this “more modern, more well-balanced economy” then all of the reinvestment, cost cutting, and entrepreneurship of Americans and American businesses  has absolutely no effect on the future of our economy.

The success or failure of the economy moving forward is the sole ownership of Barack Obama if you are willing to accept these remarks as the truth. After all, if you built a brand new house and 3 years later the house collapsed due to a bad foundation you would probably call the guy who laid the foundation and demand restitution. Obama should and will be held to the same standards, if we are willing to forgive Obama for his first lets say 2 years (which is an arbitrary number decided upon by the excuse makers) because he was busy digging out of a hole then from those 2 years forward it is all his. If they are willing to say it took 2 years to dig out of the hole then they are saying that the hole was dug out of in 2 years, right? So around late 2010 early 2011 President Obama’s term began fresh, clean and unimpeded by his predecessor. I am holding every single one of you to that.

If you are willing to put a lot of faith in the words of Bill Clinton and praise him for his wisdom then you had better be willing to own up to what that “wisdom” entails. If you are Barack Obama and you are willing to let him march out into public and speak on your behalf and convince America that you are the best thing for the future because you have “laid the foundation for a more modern, more well-balanced economy” then you had better be willing to take responsibility for the words that he speaks on your behalf.

In my estimation, if President Obama is responsible for the “foundation” of the future economy we are screwed. The foundation he has laid is based on the Federal Reserve continuously pumping more money into the economy to keep it from seizing and collapsing a practice which risks monetary inflation. The foundation he has laid is based on the Federal Reserve mandating that rates be held artificially low for an open ended amount of time to encourage lending of easy money which can lead to the gambling and irresponsible investment behavior blamed for the housing collapse in 2008-2009. The foundation that he has laid is based on the Federal Reserve, a consortium of privately owned banks, buying our national debt and using it as a backer for printing more money (monetizing the debt) risking hyperinflation.  The foundation he has laid is based on buying up failing businesses and interrupting the business cycle to “save” jobs. The foundation he has laid is based on an ever increasing number of unemployed workers, an increasing number of people collecting welfare, and persons claiming disability (a common trick for the long term unemployed who can no longer collect unemployment benefits is to go onto disability).

Thank you Bill Clinton for clarifying for all of us who is responsible for the “more modern and more well-balanced economy” that we have to look forward to.



Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich are bought and paid for.

The Ging is bankrolled by Las Vegas casino tycoon Sheldon Adelson who has donated large sums of money to the Gingrich Super PAC, Winning Our Future, one donation was $5 million.

Ging has a history of abandoning his “principles” to seek reward. From Cap and Trade to Fannie Mae, Newt Gingrich has abandoned his conservatism for dollars, which shows his true allegiance is to whoever can line his pockets. What will Adelson require from Gingrich if he wins the presidency?

Rick Santorum is a ventriloquist dummy for Foster Friess.

Rick brazingly stood Foster Friess on stage behind him during his celebratory speech on Tuesday night in what could have been a blatant campaign finance violation. See, Foster Friess is part of the Rick Santorum Super PAC, Red White and Blue, campaign rules require that campaigns and super PACs have no contact. This is just one example that Rick Santorum is a bought and paid for candidate that plays by his own rules.

For further evidence of Santorum’s preference to political supporters, please research the instance where Rick used his prowess to engineer a shady property deal involving the Armed Forces Veterans Home and a Catholic University that he is beholden to. This deal cost the home several million dollars and benefited the Catholic university at their expense. Don’t let him fool you, he is a crooked politician that doesn’t want the best for America, he wants what is best for himself. Who will Rick betray next to benefit himself?

Ron Paul boasts a large grassroots network of individuals who donate small sums of money and utilize guerilla marketing techniques to spread information about the candidate. Dr. Paul also receives double the donations from active duty military that the other candidates get. There is a clear difference between Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum, Mitt Romney, and Ron Paul. The other 3 are 3 of a kind bought and paid for by special interest, Dr. Paul is the candidate of the individual.

Put on your tin foil hat, its 2012.

UFO’s carrying Mayan Indians and Nostradamus are going to shoot lasers into the core of the earth creating multiple simultaneous supervolcanic eruptions coupled with massive earthquakes, tsunamis, and black friday video game riots on December 21st this year. The only chance you have at surviving will be in the back of a limousine driven by John Cusack all the way to huge spaceship/boats built by….who else, poor Chinese children. (Please reference the influential film, 2012 starring John Cusack)

If 2012 is the end of the world then…’s the end of the world. I can’t stop it, neither can you. If a bunch of grass skirt wearing “see-ers” predicted this a couple of thousand years ago, I doubt we have much choice in the matter. If it’s going to happen then it’s going to happen.

So, what do we do in our last year? The same things that we’ve always done. Yeah, its that boring. The end of the world is boring, why you ask? If you really invest in the end of the world and it doesn’t come, you look like a real jackass the next day at work. If you shit on your bosses desk anticipating the world to end….not a good decision. So please, until Morgan Freeman comes on tv and calmly explains that we are all screwed and an asteroid is going to kill everyone except the super wealthy who are hiding in underground bunkers, don’t do anything rash.

Here are my top 5 most likely scenarios for the Apocalypse.

5. Ricky Santorum Starts World War 3

Ron Paul wins the Presidency and in frustration Rick Santorum breaks into a missile silo and launches a nuke at Iran to spur the massive war he and many other foamers so desperately want. (Foamers-war mongers foaming at the mouth to start another war)

4. McDonalds Cancels the McRib.

Remember the play dough like riblets at the school lunchroom, that is the McRib, the only reason they have not cancelled this food atrocity to date is the fear of what crazed underachievers would do. But in 2012, anything is possible.

3. Someone figures out how to kill Jack Bauer.

Fox may have ended the documentary 24, but agent Jack Bauer is still out pulling all nighters and trashing the constitution to protect Uhmurica. If someone actually kills him in 2012, it assures the apocalypse, unless the killers are then willing to give up their sources in exchange for immunity.

2. Cinnamon Toast Crunch Flavored Milk

Eat a bowl of CTC. (the real stuff, not the store brand) When you’re done, drink the sugary, cinnamony milk in the bowl. Now imagine that in a bottle. If someone actually did this I fear that the end of the world is unavoidable. Nobody would eat or drink anything else, within weeks we would all be dead from malnutrition. 

1. M. Knight Shamalamadingdong makes a sequel to “The Happening”

Signs was pretty cool. The sixth sense was too. Then M Knight brought us doozies such as “the last airbender” and “the happening”. If you haven’t seen “the happening” here is my summary, Marky Mark Wahlberg spends 2 hours running from the wind while people kill themselves in terribly funny ways. A sequel seems unlikely I know, but the fact that the first movie ever got a green light is mystifying. If there is a sequel we are surely doomed.