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I wanted to write something similar but these guys did a good job. Check it out!



Ominous title I know, but please read on.

I just recently listened to an audio book that my Dad lent to me titled “How do you kill 11 million people?” By Andy Andrews.

I will admit when Dad told me the title I was reluctant to listen, it seemed like it might be a little out there for me, but attempting to keep an open mind I took it and promised to listen. A few weeks later I found myself driving home and popped the CD into the radio.

The reading only takes about 15 minutes, but that was long enough to make my mouth hang open, make my eyes well up with tears, make the hair on my neck stand on end, and make me feel angrily defiant while simultaneously sick to my stomach.

I am not sure if this can be found on the net to listen to for free, but I know it is not expensive to purchase. If you do not want the audio version there is a written version available as well.

This is not a suggestion I make lightly, in fact I urge you to seek this out and read it or listen to it. But don’t just read it or listen to it, make it a point to listen or read this material in a quiet and focused environment and thoughtfully engage the topics included in it.

Again, please find this material. It is short, concise, well written, and easy to comprehend. If you find it compelling, share it with others.

What I find the most intriguing is that the author has every opportunity to choose sides politically while he covers the deception of the German people and how it lead to the holocaust, but he didn’t. He does not attempt to paint a negative picture of any particular set of values or political party, he tells the story in a way that it needs to be told.

I will be posting a few posts in the near future that are inspired by what I heard from “How to kill 11 million people”. Please check back and tell me what you think.

Thank You!

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I find myself wondering at times why I am writing a blog. I don’t really have a good answer.

I suppose it is because I am very opinionated and if I don’t express myself in some way I get very frustrated by keeping it in.

I started writing here assuming that nobody would read this. I would only get a couple of friends to look every now and then and of course my wife would try to read regularly to support me. But the response has been surprising.

This blog doesn’t have a huge audience and I have attempted very little to plug it anywhere to gain readers. But the audience continues to grow and Im not real sure how people are finding this, but they are.

I appreciate everyone who reads my take on the world and finds it interesting, whether they agree or not. I appreciate everyone who shares this blog on Twitter or Facebook or has linked me from their own WordPress blog. I appreciate the comments, suggestions, and encouragement I’ve received to this point and ask you to continue making suggestions and leaving comments.

In short, thank you everybody!

I have big ideas for Less Than Unique, and am currently exploring some options for the future of this blog as it relates to the Liberty movement. The next year will hopefully continue to provide exponential growth in readership and reader participation regardless of what avenue I choose to go down. Stay tuned!

War Is A Racket

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“War is a racket. It always has been. It is possibly the oldest, easily the most profitable, surely the most vicious. It is the only one international in scope. It is the only one in which the profits are reckoned in dollars and the losses in lives. A racket is best described, I believe, as something that is not what it seems to the majority of the people. Only a small ‘inside’ group knows what it is about. It is conducted for the benefit of the very few, at the expense of the very many. Out of war a few people make huge fortunes.” – Smedley Butler

Take some time to google Smedley Butler, (after reading my post of course) an amazing man that you’ve most likely never heard of.

I know it can seem very generic to start a post with a quote. Having conceded that, I have to say that there is nothing generic or redundant about the words of great men and women who stood or are still standing for the freedom of our people. Smedley Butler spoke out about the American military industrial complex in its infancy, he was followed by several other great military men over time, including President Dwight Eisenhower who warned of the dangers of the military industrial complex in his last speech before leaving office.

Today we see the effects of decades of militarism on our economy, on our society, and on our foreign relations.

Militarism has co-opted the fiscal policy and monetary policy of the United States. Military spending (black budget not included) is 28-38% of the Federal Governments budget. Our currency is the reserve currency of the world and has been been turned into a weapon. The federal government uses debt, interest rates, and issuance of currency to wage economic wars on foreign nations.

The military industrial complex employs vast numbers of Americans making it a part of the social fabric of the nation, thus making military budget cuts painful to the individuals employed in that sector. America has developed a “War First” attitude as a result, this is a dangerous paradigm. We now must wage war to prevent economic destitution, as explained in my previous post, “War Is Not An Export”, war is highly destructive to the economy of a nation over the long term despite its seeming benefits to economy in the short term and its capability to make billions of dollars for well connected companies.

Blowback is a term coined originally by the CIA in reference to retaliation¬† against American intelligence officers for the actions of the CIA or US military. Blowback is a definite factor in the suffering state of American foreign relations. America’s actions as the worlds policeman and dominant currency holder have undoubtedly created hard feelings between America and other nations. We are all familiar with the term “bad press”, war is an ugly affair and can create a lot of “bad press” for a country, even from accidents.

Smedley Butler said that “war is a racket” used to benefit the few at the expense of many. I have no doubt in my mind that war has been used in that fashion by the United States in the past and in all likelihood it will happen again in the future. Let’s just hope we have someone like Smedley Butler with the courage to stand up and speak out.

NFL Playoffs, week 2

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Last Week Recap: I got 3 of 4 right, not so much on the scores but on the end result. Tebow threw me for a loop and the Broncos pulled it off in OT.

Playoffs Week Two

Saints @ 49ers

49ers are a really good team and very well rounded. Alex Smith has a chip on his shoulder so there is that chance of a breakout performance, unfortunately for the 49ers there is also the chance that he buckles in the spotlight. Drew Brees should be solid and make few mistakes, that is his typical style. I think Frank Gore will have 100+ and the SF defense will not let New Orleans run away with the game. It could actually very easily go to the 9ers, Im torn on this one, New Orleans by a whisker. San Fran is a helluva team, just not their time.

New Orleans by 3-10 points, potentially in overtime. Drew Brees 350+ 2TD, 1 INT. San Fran will have 1 defensive TD and 1 Special Teams TD.

Giants @ Packers

Giants defense showed its muscle against Atlanta and had Matt Ryan on the run, the Giants offense showed the strong running game that they can field as well. Here are the negatives to NY, the run game has been spotty and the secondary has been poor all season, the Packers can definitely take advantage of a weak secondary

The Packers are outlandishly good. The surgeon Rodgers could filet the porous Giants defensive backfield with short slants, seam routes, and take advantage of the fast D-Line with screens, and dump routes to their athletic tight ends. Their running game has been absent all year, but maybe there will be a repeat of last year and the run game will appear in the playoffs. I predict Rodgers will have 300+ yards passing 50+ yards rushing and the defense will have 2 INT’s of Manning and a likely 2-3 fumble recoveries of the RB’s and WR’s. I also predict a special teams TD by Cobb.

The Packers are my favorite team and I might be overestimating their dominance of the veteran Giants, I just think Rodgers is a machine incapable of letting me down. Packers by 14-20.


Houston at Baltimore

Am I the only person in America who sees the skills of this phenom QB in Houston? I think we have the next Tom Brady in our midst. This dude is calm, collected, and talented. He will slay Baltimore….now what’s his name again?

The true hero will probably not be Arian Foster or Andre Johnson, I think Ben Tate, Owen Daniels, or the yet to be identified QB will be. The #1’s in the Baltimore defense are superior, I think their weakness lies in stopping the TE and bruiser RB that Houston will most definitely field.

Baltimore is led by the mediocre Flacco and will likely rely on the run game to get points. Their defense will impact the game and cause problems for Houston throughout the game, Im just not sure that Baltimore can capitalize on those defensive advantages.

Houston by 7+, unknown QB 2 TD passes, Ben Tate 1 TD Rushing and 1 TD Receiving. Owen Daniels 1 Td Receiving.

Denver at New England

Tebow. The guy made me watch the Broncos play the Steelers last week. I have to say, I am intrigued by the whole deal. I’d like to see the Broncos win, but I have my doubts that they can pull it off.

The Patriots defense is less than impressive and there is a high likelihood that they could let ol Tommy down. But the Pats QB is outstanding and capable of putting the game away in the first quarter with laser accuracy and short demoralizing passing.

The playoffs always seem to have that surprise story, I don’t think Tebow will be it. I think in this game the Patriots defense will be a surprise though. They will step up and frustrate Tebow and the Broncos. Im betting against him again this week, let’s see what happens!

Pats by 2 scores. Tebow will have 50+ yards rushing, 1 TD pass. Brady will have 3 TD Passes and 300+ Yards

Very long and might need to be read in installments because of that fact. This article is a very in depth and detailed analysis. Check it out!

Getting Robbed

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Our place in Missouri had some stuff stolen last week. We weren’t around and nobody got hurt, thankfully. But I realized that I had become complacent. I had taken for granted that I am a good person and would never trespass on someones property and steal something of value. (Yard globe theft in high school was a long, long time ago) Not everyone has that boundary.

It was an event that reinforced my feelings toward preparedness. I don’t expect the worst or think everyone is out to get me. I just understand that some people are capable of doing bad things, sometimes bad things happen to good people and that if you’re not prepared to defend yourself, your family, and your property then who will?

The people who robbed us will get theirs in the form of karma or divine retaliation, however you see it, Im not worried about that. I just want to know that I did what I could to keep them from getting over on me again.

I ask you to look at your home, your property, and your situation and ask if you’re doing everything you can to protect your safety. Kyle and I will soon be teaching a course based on the NRA’s refuse to be a victim criteria. I aspire to consult homeowners on safety in and around their home as well. These are desperate times for a lot of people. Be prepared to defend your life and freedom against any aggressor. The best first step is to read. Read this blog, read other blogs, articles, books, etc. You can learn a lot from other peoples experiences.

I intend on writing a few posts in the near future that will be focused on self sufficiency, preparedness, and personal safety.  I encourage anyone reading this to do a little research into these topics, educate yourself and others. I would love some comments on future posts to further the discussions.