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I am currently researching for and writing a 3 part post dealing with unemployment and the current state of the economy. I am attempting to funnel my limited time and efforts into creating the best quality analysis that I can.

This is difficult because I do not have internet at home for the time being and am forced to use my cell phone for all research and writing. I am also attempting to get 3 new business ideas off the ground, while working full time, being a dad, and caring for all of my other responsibilities. Posts are becoming more difficult to find time for and the frequency of my posts has decreased to about one a week. I apologize for my lackluster performance lately, but I am trying.

For now, here is a video courtesy of Bloomberg Television pitting Ron Paul and Paul Krugman against each other in a debate.


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Good Riddance

Posted: April 11, 2012 in Big Government, Big Media, Politics, Ron Paul

As I previously predicted (in this post) Rick Santorum was the latest canidate to drop out of the race for the Presidency. Granted my timing was off, but let’s not nit pick it.  Rick didn’t give a specific reason for dropping out but I assume it is a combination of things, including that there is no prayer (no pun intended) that he could have won the general election. The establishment Republican party most likely demanded that he step aside. Being the “team player” that he is, Rick took his orders and quit.

Newt gingrich will be the next candidate to drop out. As you can see from his last few days of interviews he is floundering a bit. He is getting information/advice from different sides telling him whether to stay in or whether to go. Ultimately as cash flow finishes drying up and Rick Santorum supporters are pushed behind Mitt Romney by an inevitable endorsement of Romney by Rick, Newt will bow out of the race. He might well drag it out for awhile to get a little more publicity, but he will drop out soon. The political winds are blowing and the establishment is barking orders, the foot soldiers of the establishment will fall in line and do as they are told.

For all intensive purposes most of the public considers Ron Paul to be out of the race. The major television and radio hosts hardly ever even say his name and when they do they can’t even muster a few kind words. Supporters of Dr. Paul are routinely marginalized and written off as cult like followers of a man that has no chance of winning. In my opinion, the people who think this way are missing the boat completely. Ron Paul supporters are motivated, dedicated, organized, and idea oriented. The R3VOLUTION is not just about Ron Paul, it is about individual liberty, personal freedom, a limited constitutional government, and implementing a responsible fiscal policy as well as a sane monetary policy. These ideas are not hinged on the “success” of any one candidate.

I do not see Ron Paul quitting before the National Convention in Tampa. He is the flag bearer for an entire movement of ideals, if he quits then he signals that the movement has died. It is crucial that Ron Paul stay in until the end and continue to use the big stage to reach as many people as possible. The ideals of Liberty are spreading, despite what the major news outlets choose to ignore.

The establishment and its media goons will continue to push for and stand behind statist, big government hacks like Romney until the very end. You will see the masses duped by big media types like Beck, Hannity, Limbaugh and Levin shill relentlessly for Romney until his nomination. The cries for “laying down” arms and falling in line to vote Republican have been going on for months, they will reach a fever pitch now that Santorum is out. Unfortunately there are enough people out there, who want to be told how to vote, to win the nomination for Romney.

From here forward:

– Big Media will reiterate the soundbite that Mitt Romney’s nomination is inevitable.

– Big Media will continue to ignore Ron Paul even once he is the only candidate left besides Romney

– When Paul pulls down 30+ percent of the vote versus Romney the media will demand that he step out of the way because he is only muddying the waters and hurting the party.

– Paul will stay in until the convention. If he comes to the convention with more delegates than Romney (which is possible) the media hacks will claim that he is trying to “steal” the nomination.

– If he does successfully “steal” the nomination, the Republican Party will not rally behind him. New rules will negate his victory and Romney will become the nominee.

– A mass exodus of moderate and independent voters from the Republican Party will occur. The only way Romney can retain them is if he raises to the middle and panders to that part of the electorate. Which will alienate the conservatives. It is easy to see why the nomination of Mitt Romney will secure the successful re-election of President Obama.

If and when Mitt Romney is nominated as the Republican candidate for the Presidency, I will quit blogging about the Presidential race. I will instead begin focusing on smaller elections that will actually matter to the Liberty movement. If you know of a Liberty candidate that is running for office and you would like me to analyze their race, please comment on this post.

The Nevada Caucus

As I predicted last week, Newt is on his way down. (Hooray!)

The Nevada caucus results are being reported as follows

1. Mitt Romney (50% ish)
2. Newt Gingrich (21% ish)
3. Ron Paul (19% ish)
4. Rick Santorum (10%ish)


Mitt Romney- No real surprise here, the guy has been campaigning in Nevada since 2008. He has huge Mormon and LDS support in this state and was the heavy favorite. Give him credit though, he tried his best this past week to alienate and piss off large groups of people. Fortunately for him most of the country doesn’t pay attention or care about the election process, and the poor people that he was busy throwing under the bus are too busy trying to feed themselves to give two shits what Mitt For Brains has to say about them.

New Campaign Slogan:

Mitt Romney 2012: “Because Rush Limbaugh Says The Most Important Thing For Uhmurica Is To Get Obama Out Of Office”

Newt Gingrich- Every time this guy talks his campaign should play “With arms wide open” by Creed. I know you are a swinger and all but quit trying to hug the entire world Newt. (He constantly opens his arms up like he wants a big hug when he speaks, in case you are lost) The Ging is going down, and I don’t mean on a plate of cheeseburgers. He did ok in Nevada but not a strong 2nd, he barely put any distance between himself and 3rd place. For the self proclaimed clear alternative to Mitt “he sure isn’t shaping up” (pun intended) to be much more than a flavor of the moment (part 2). I heard an interesting quote this week, “the difference between the past and history is that the past is what happened. History is the story of what happened.” Newt is a self proclaimed historian (notice a theme of self proclamation). This means he tells stories about events in the past, the stories don’t have to be accurate or true, just repeated often enough and loudly. Apparently adding in some “air hugs” doesn’t hurt credibility either.

New campaign slogan

Newt Gingrich 2012: “We will go to the moon, everyone will be hugged, and the sanctity of open marriage will be protected.”

Ron Paul- Ron came in 2nd in 2008 with 14% of the vote, this go around he got 19%. Not exactly a barn burner performance for Paul, but something to hang his hat on. As The Ging continues his demise Ron will begin to gain favor with some of his defectors, after Ging has spent so much effort trashing Romney it seems unlikely his lost support will go to Mitt. Some will travel to Santorum by way of Glenn Beck’s relentless promotion of him. Ron is poised to gain the most as the campaign moves on, hopefully he’s ready to take advantage. Maine and Minnesota are key places to watch for Paul.


New Campaign Slogan

Ron Paul 2012: “You probably haven’t seen me on the news or in the newspapers, but I’m the only guy in this race that is different than Obama.”

Rick Santorum- Bad performance in Nevada for Rick. He is betting on Colorado as his next stand against the Romney machine. If he does not succeed, he is out. Nothing less than 2nd place is acceptable in Colorado for Rick, he is losing his traction from the early states. Despite trying to start arguments over what he feels are great points in the debates, he has continued to show his Big Government, Big Spending tendencies and his feelings of inequality toward homosexuals and opposing religions. Not to mention, he is a warmonger, a Santorum Presidency would undoubtedly lead to war with Iran and likely 1 or 2 other places of his choosing.

New campaign slogan

Rick Santorum 2012: ” Ok, so Jim Bob Duggar didn’t convince you I was the best choice? Hmm, I will declare 5 wars on day one, all without congress! How about that?”

Projection for the coming weeks:

February is considered a slow month for the campaign. I think it is critical, we will potentially see one more candidate drop out in February. I think it will be Santorum. He may hang on until Super Tuesday but I think Colorado will boot him from the race sooner than that. Newt is going to decline, much slower than his first decline, but he’s still on the way down. If Santorum drops out I think it benefits Gingrich the most, his supporters will not go to Ron Paul or Mitt Romney so they take Gingrich de facto. That could offer Gingrich a temporary boost. If Santorum hangs around until Super Tuesday it benefits Ron Paul the most. Santorum takes votes from Gingrich and he is one more voice and pile of money going after Romney. However, if Santorum wins Colorado, he will stay in the race at least to Super Tuesday if not all the way to Tampa. February could be make or break for him. But, there are always surprises. It will be interesting to see what dirt comes out about a candidate next, and whether it sticks.

Florida didn’t shape up quite how I predicted previously in my South Carolina Predictions post, but close.

Mitt Romney- Winner

Newt Gingrich- Second

Rick Santorum- 3rd

Ron Paul- 4th

Brief analysis.

Florida was all about Gingrich and Romney, mostly because somehow Gingrich duped South Carolina into giving him the win, and he had the momentum heading into Florida.


I do not expect Gingrich to hold up to the continuing scrutiny that he will receive beyond Florida. He will fall hard, again. The only thing that will prop him up is the fact that he has a few huge donors that are funding a media blitz for him. Undoubtedly Newt has promised these donors some favors if he is the one that gets into office.


Mitt will continue to show strength but I predict he will begin to lose favorability as the race moves on and some of the Western states begin to effect the race a little more. He will still have a strong showing in just about every state, after all, the guy has a huge pile of cash.


I was a little surprised that he didn’t skip South Carolina and campaign harder in Florida. He is working with much smaller funds and it seemed to me that more time and money in Florida would have been better for him. Rick is on the ropes, he keeps saying he is on for the long haul, but in my opinion he is the next to drop out. He did a lot better last month with donation totals and is becoming a more accepted candidate by the electorate. He could hang around until the convention if he does well in a couple of upcoming states, I just don’t think that will happen.

Ron Paul

Ol’ Ronny Boy, he skipped Florida. Not that it seemed any different, he doesn’t get national coverage when he does campaign in a state.  His base continues to build, his game plan for focusing on caucus states is not traditional and has not yielded a Presidential nominee in the past. But keep in mind, Ron Paul is not a traditional candidate, his supporters are not traditional supporters, nothing about his campaign fits the norm. I still feel strongly that he will pull it off against all odds. To my knowledge, there has not been a race for the nomination quite like this before, so a new and different strategy might just work. Keep an eye on Maine who has a week long caucus where Ron will likely pick up several delegates. He has also been campaigning hard in Nevada where large crowds have been highly receptive and his support seems to be swelling.

In summary, I’m starting to believe that if Gingrich survives the next 2-3 states he will stay in until the convention.  That will give us 3 candidates for the nominee at the convention. Paul, Romney, and Gingrich. If Santorum drops in the next month or month and a half, the national media will begin calling for Ron Paul to get out and let Gingrich and Romney fight it out. He will not oblige.

Im going to start a series of posts focused on our current governmental shortcomings. This post will cover the fallacy that war spurs economic growth. Subsequent posts will show that war leads to the rationing of goods, the decline of liberty, as well as growth of the centralized government. I will also touch on the concept that somehow bringing our troops home is bad for the economy, along with several smaller points. Hard hitting stuff I know, but I’m passionate about these topics and want to further the conversation however I can.

Fallacy: War ends recessions and spurs economic growth.

I can’t say this is completely false, because technically it can spur growth in certain economic statistics, and can push a country from an economic “recession”. BUT, this growth is not real economic growth. The recession doesn’t truly end, simply put, some of the numbers used to define a recession change.

The so called economic growth is in all actuality just a reallocation of labor and cash. Think with me. There are 100 unemployed people in city A. The government of City A declares war on City B. As a result a tank factory is needed in city A to produce tanks for the war. City A employs the 100 workers that do not currently have jobs, this is great right? The war has created 100 jobs!

But wait a minute, to pay the 100 workers salaries the government in City A has to raise taxes on the businesses and residents of City A. In turn the residents have more money removed from their wages to support the war. This means that the residents have less money to spend at area businesses.

Now, not only are businesses in City A being hit with higher taxes issued from the government they are also dealing with less demand for their products. The businesses of City A are left with no choice, they must lay off workers to compensate for lost revenues. (other cost cutting measures would likely preceed layoffs, but would likely cause the same effect) Logically if the 100 new government salaries need to be paid then the equivalent amount of cash needs to be removed from the private sector salaries of City A to cover it. That means 100 people who were previously employed are now without jobs. Thus creating a net gain of ZERO. 100 hired – 100 fired = 0

This doesn’t account for the money spent on tank materials, soldiers, ammunition, food for the front, clothing, boots, tents, blankets, etc., etc., etc. All of which are funded by taxes on the private sector in City A. The result of this war is a net loss.

So how does a country successfully wage war without creating negative economic effects? In short,they can’t. Short term bonuses inevitably lead to long term negative trends. Initially City A’s unemployed were all gainfully employed, but in the long term other people lost their jobs to sustain the war effort.

The other angle that I would like to take is a little more touchy and if I don’t phrase it correctly it will sound as though Im anti military. I am not. I support our military, I just don’t want those men and women put in harms way for anything less than the defense of our nation. Going to war to end a recession is not acceptable, it is in fact counterproductive.

By trade John is a carpenter. John earns his money doing handyman work in City A. His friends and neighbors gladly pay for his services because he is performing tasks that they either can’t do or don’t want to do. He is supplying a service to meet a demand. John is upset when he hears that City A has declared war on City B. He is a reservist and is called up to fight. John is no longer able to do repairs because he is fighting in City B. As a result of war City A has lost the productivity of John inside its community. The money that would have typically changed hands is instead sitting dormant in a cookie jar. John is no longer engaged in an activity that benefits the economy of the community he is now taking money out of the community and returning nothing. ( of course we are assuming that the war with City B is not for the defense of City A from City B’s armies; in that case John would be contributing to the defense and welfare of city A)

As I stated before my predictions for South Carolina, Im not very good at predicting things. But not in my wildest dreams would I have thought that there were enough suckers in South Carolina to allow Newt Gingrich to win, little own let Ron Paul finish in 4th.

As a result, I am starting to lose faith in the ability of our nation to save itself from implosion. The slow death our nation is dying from is completely solvable at this point. But it is as though the majority of Americans are wanting to slip into insolvency, wage multiple simultaneous wars, strip themselves of freedoms, and let the government control all of our lives. They continue to vote for establishment Neoconservative Big Government puppets.

Do people really value a snarky smart ass who is so arrogant and so self absorbed that he walks around telling people he will be the nominee and eventually the President. Are there really enough people that are so misinformed and easily swayed that someone like Newt Gingrich could actually become our President?

I just listened to Rick Santorum give his post primary speech and I was left wondering how roughly 20% of the voters in South Carolina could vote for the guy. He just went on and on about family and marriage for 10 minutes, and he is right, families are important. But what in the hell does that have to do with government? What in the hell does that have to do with being President? Is this a contest for the most likable person? I think that your stance on marriage and family values is just as important as Newt wanting an open marriage. I DON’T CARE!

What are you going to do to balance the budget now, not in 10 years, ASAP?
How much will you lower my taxes?
How much excess will you cut from the government budget?
What criteria will you use for asking congress to declare war?
What lobbyist and special interest groups stand behind you?
How will you decrease regulations, bureaucracy, and military waste?
How will you get the government out of our personal lives?
Will you treat all people fairly? Regardless of sexual preference, age, gender, race, or religious belief?
Will you protect human life? Not just from abortion, but from war also?
Will you reach out to the world with a hand of peace, or a fist of aggression?
Will you respect the sovereignty of other nations?
Will you stand behind the constitution and its amendments?
What steps will you take to eliminate the Federal Reserve system?
How many bills will you sign that give money to special interest?
How much foreign aid will you hand out to the world?
What will you do with the TSA?
Will you sign bills like SOPA? How about the NDAA?

There is only one candidate who correctly answers these questions.
There is only one candidate who has a proven track record on these issues.
There is only one choice for the future of America.
Ron Paul

Please visit and make your most generous donation to the one candidate who has a real plan to save America.

Excuse any misspelling, poor grammar, or punctuation. I wrote this in a frenzy and don’t care to proofread it.

An analysis of the Fox News debate from Monday night. If you have any question on these quotes or paraphrasing please watch the debate, its all on video.

Mitt Romney

1.(Paraphrase) “People Convicted of Violent Crimes Should NEVER Get to Vote Again.”

But they will still have to pay taxes right? Will they be eligible for the military draft? Does a bar fight when you’re 19 justify a lifetime voting ban?

2. “I do not believe that marriage should be between two people of the same gender” (exact quote)

Will you put your personal beliefs aside and govern based on the equal rights of all Americans? Or much like Obama, will you govern from your personal beliefs and use the government to unfairly benefit people that you prefer?

3. (Paraphrase) “I would have supported the NDAA”, “You do not have the right to support groups that do not agree with the Federal Government”

Wow. So now disagreeing with the Federal Government should lead to indefinite detention under the NDAA. At least he promised not to do that, we all know that we can trust promises from politicians.

Rick Perry

1. Confused the Taliban with Al Qaeda.

Called out by Ron Paul for not knowing the difference.

2. “I don’t think its the governments responsibility” in reference to Government intervention in the housing market

Kudos Rick, you sound a little like you’re getting it!

3. “We will have Predator drones on the border patrolling” (paraphrase)

Do we really want unmanned weapons flying around our skies? How long before police use these against “criminals”? This issue could be a slippery slope toward the police state.

Newt Gingrich

1. “All unemployment compensation should be tied to a job training requirement” (exact quote)

Who runs this training program? The federal government? Who funds this Federal job training program? The taxpayer that’s who. Or is this mandated on private industry and/or the individual….like Obamacare.

2. “Andrew Jackson had a pretty clear opinion on America’s enemies, kill them” (exact quote) in reference to Ron Paul saying that we should apply the “Golden Rule” to foreign policy and that we should respect the sovereign territory of other nations.

What if Canada was at war with China? Let’s say that there were Chinese militants hiding in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado? Would we be ok with secret missions flown into US airspace by Canadian forces without permission of America to bomb suspected hiding places of these Chinese militants? Perhaps the suburbs of Denver? Perhaps inside a national park? Doubtful. So why would it be ok for the USA to fly into Pakistan and bomb neighborhoods in pursuit of insurgents without the cooperation and permission of the Pakistani government?

3. “As a historian”

Don’t even need to complete the sentence, Newt we get it, you know a little bit about history and distort it to fit your answers. This is something like the 16th debate, we have all heard that you are a “historian”.

Rick Santorum

1. “Neutrality ends in poverty”, “this is unconsionable”, in regard to the Federal government taking a neutral stance on promoting marriage.

Obviously the Government should be determining what individuals should be doing with their lives. What about parents, communities, churches, and organizations being the mentors who suggest and encourage proper or preferred individual behaviors? Is parenting and mentoring now the job of the government? What about individual responsibility and accountability for your behavior and for raising your children?

2.”sometimes you have to pass laws to keep worse laws from passing” (paraphrase)

Sometimes you have to cut off your nose to spite your face, right Rick? Or is this more along the lines of digging your way out of a hole in the ground? Big Government politicians see the only solutions to the nations problems as being more government oversight and more legislation. Rick needs to learn that often times government oversight is a large part of the problem.

Ron Paul (here are some of his best hits tonight)

1.”I want to cut money, overseas money, I want to cut military money, not defense money”, “I want to bring the troops home”, “there is a difference between military money and defense spending”

2. “Our taxes should be the lowest they’ve ever been since 1913, 0%”

3. “If we have no respect for the sovereignty of another nation it will negatively effect our nation” (paraphrase)

So who won or lost this debate?

Winner, big government neocons who got favorable questions and more air time.

Losers, the American people who got lied to, mislead, and had establishment candidates shoved onto them.

Comment below if you have any argument for any of these points.