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Quick post tonight.

Watching the Fox News debate and this d-bag moderator wont shut his mouth about following the frickin dinging noise. You’re right, these debates cover the most important topics facing our country’s future and the answers are given by people that vary may well be the next president.  But clearly the most important thing tonight is solving the nations problems within 30 seconds. Right, that will happen. Can’t miss a commercial break, can’t cut out some unnecessary follow up questions or maybe just not set a finite amount of time for the debate, like maybe football games? But football can be on for 4 hours at a time or 3 1/2 or maybe 4 1/2……the debates 2 hours. No longer. 2 hours. Discuss solving our problems in 2 hours. No leeway. Please by all means avoid any passionate discussions. Please avoid making any real points, just stick to short, vague slogans, and non humorous jokes.