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Pump, pump, pump it up!
Pump that bullshit economy up!
Keep, Keep, Keep it afloat!
Keep that false economy afloat!
Ben Bern-yank-me, the chairman of the Federal Reserve, reminds me of a cheerleader chanting this cheer as he relentlessly pushes the print button on the printing press. Please don’t confuse the wild look in his beady eyes with anything resembling a spark of monetary responsibility. This guy is nothing but a puppet on a string for the Obama administration.
The latest announcement from The Fed is nothing more than a propping mechanism intended to temporarily keep the economy from collapsing and aid Barack Obama with his re-election efforts. From the beginning, this administration has been thick as thieves with the banksters. The fascist back scratching favors that Obama did for them are being returned with repeated rounds of “quantitative easing” from the central bank. This disgraceful disregard for the economic future of our great nation is, in my opinion, bordering on treason.
Here is a little analogy that I came up with to describe the state of the economy and what QE can do for it:
The stew (economy) is on the stove. The pot is there (able workers with a desire to work), the stove top is there (factories and manufacturing facilities), the flame is lit and burning.
Unfortunately, the stew has been scorched because of poor kitchen management (systemic issues with Congress and the office of the President). The meat (jobs) and potatoes (profits) are shriveled and burned beyond recognition. But don’t worry the sous chef (Bernanke) has a gallon of milk (QE) he is going to pour in and create “liquidity”. All of this milk should magically cure the charred meat and shriveled potatoes!
No matter how much milk he pours into that pot, there will not be an edible stew. The basis of that stew is ruined. The pot needs to be scraped clean and new meat and potatoes need to be added. The recipe for stew does not need to be changed, stew has been delicious and essentially the same for a few thousand years. What needs to change are the kitchen help (Congress) who keep walking by and taking a spoon full of the broth out for tasting, never intending on putting more broth in which results in the stew scorching. The chef (the President) thinks he is being clever and can fool the customers. After the stew was scorched, the chef walked into the restaurant and announced to the patrons, “we are proud to introduce our new improved stew” and talked of its deliciousness as the patrons scrunched their noses and spit the stew back into the bowl. The chef ordered his kitchen help to distribute free bread (health insurance, low interest loans, welfare) to the customers and convince them that the stew was actually appetizing now with the bread. The stew is a poor product and the bread will only pacify the paying customers for so long. The chef knows that his stalling tactic will not solve the problems that his kitchen has, but it has bought him a little more time.
It is easy to imagine that a restaurant with this type of kitchen management would go out of business very quickly. So why is it so difficult for people to understand this same logic applies to government?
With every round of QE we take one more step toward an irreversible fiscal disaster brought on by unchecked expenditures by the Federal Government, crushing debt, and inflation caused by reckless monetary policy. The measures being taken by Obama and his administration are temporary measures and are not intended to help a recovery or foster growth, these measures are intended to slow the collapse to a “manageable” speed. Mark my words, if Romney is elected this thing will unravel at record speed as he assumes office….just as it did to Obama when he took office. Obama’s stall tactics have succeeded in keeping the economy from falling apart for 4 years, he will pull the plug on it as he exits. On the flip side, if Obama is re-elected we will begin to hear him call for austerity. It will go over with the entitlement crowd here in the US just as well as it went over with the entitlement crowd in Greece. Obama, who is prone to placating to the welfare warriors, will attempt to jack taxes on the 50% of Americans who still pay them and alienate the small businesses of America even further with heavy taxation, fees, etc.
In my opinion, by 2016 America will be much, much different than it is today, and that will hold true regardless of which one of the two evils gets elected.



NFL Playoffs

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For what it is worth here are my predictions for this weeks NFL Wild Card Weekend Playoff games.


Cincinatti @ Houston

Houston is a good team. Cincinatti is a good team. Houston has defense and a run game and Cincy has defense and a run game. These 2 teams have the potential to put up big points as well….its hard to call, I hope Houston wins, so Houston by 10.

Detroit @ New Orleans

Detroit has the potential to put up 50+ on a mediocre Saints defense, but New Orleans has the potential to put up 50+ on any defense. Drew Brees is a more successful Dan Marino. New Orleans by at least 2 scores.


Pittsburgh @ Denver

Tebow isn’t very good, but Denver keeps finding ways to win with him at QB. Pittsburgh has some of my least favorite players on their team and a long term distaste for both of these teams really makes me not want to watch this game at all. Rothlisberger will undoubtedly “injure” himself at some point and “play through the pain”. There will be an abundance of camera shots of his grimacing face and hobbling jog down the field. He is so courageous. Tebow will not pass well, Denver will run the ball a bunch and not real successfully. Pittsburgh by 2 scores. Then thankfully the game will be over.

Atlanta @ NY Giants

Should be an interesting game. I think this game has the most potential for being an exciting and eventful game. Lots of playmakers on the field, a few known and several not well known. Julio Jones and Roddy White are big time receivers capable of changing the game in favor of Atlanta. The problem will be if Matt Ryan is flat on his back how can he pass to them? Look for a steady diet of Michael Turner and Tony Gonzalez early, then Atlanta will try to burn NY deep. NY will come out and pound the ground and periodically hit the seams successfully. I imagine a close game into the half and through most of the 3rd quarter. At that point something will give and one team will start to put it away. I predict that team will be the Giants. Giants by 13


Houston vs. Green Bay

Houston Wins

Put on your tin foil hat, its 2012.

UFO’s carrying Mayan Indians and Nostradamus are going to shoot lasers into the core of the earth creating multiple simultaneous supervolcanic eruptions coupled with massive earthquakes, tsunamis, and black friday video game riots on December 21st this year. The only chance you have at surviving will be in the back of a limousine driven by John Cusack all the way to huge spaceship/boats built by….who else, poor Chinese children. (Please reference the influential film, 2012 starring John Cusack)

If 2012 is the end of the world then…’s the end of the world. I can’t stop it, neither can you. If a bunch of grass skirt wearing “see-ers” predicted this a couple of thousand years ago, I doubt we have much choice in the matter. If it’s going to happen then it’s going to happen.

So, what do we do in our last year? The same things that we’ve always done. Yeah, its that boring. The end of the world is boring, why you ask? If you really invest in the end of the world and it doesn’t come, you look like a real jackass the next day at work. If you shit on your bosses desk anticipating the world to end….not a good decision. So please, until Morgan Freeman comes on tv and calmly explains that we are all screwed and an asteroid is going to kill everyone except the super wealthy who are hiding in underground bunkers, don’t do anything rash.

Here are my top 5 most likely scenarios for the Apocalypse.

5. Ricky Santorum Starts World War 3

Ron Paul wins the Presidency and in frustration Rick Santorum breaks into a missile silo and launches a nuke at Iran to spur the massive war he and many other foamers so desperately want. (Foamers-war mongers foaming at the mouth to start another war)

4. McDonalds Cancels the McRib.

Remember the play dough like riblets at the school lunchroom, that is the McRib, the only reason they have not cancelled this food atrocity to date is the fear of what crazed underachievers would do. But in 2012, anything is possible.

3. Someone figures out how to kill Jack Bauer.

Fox may have ended the documentary 24, but agent Jack Bauer is still out pulling all nighters and trashing the constitution to protect Uhmurica. If someone actually kills him in 2012, it assures the apocalypse, unless the killers are then willing to give up their sources in exchange for immunity.

2. Cinnamon Toast Crunch Flavored Milk

Eat a bowl of CTC. (the real stuff, not the store brand) When you’re done, drink the sugary, cinnamony milk in the bowl. Now imagine that in a bottle. If someone actually did this I fear that the end of the world is unavoidable. Nobody would eat or drink anything else, within weeks we would all be dead from malnutrition. 

1. M. Knight Shamalamadingdong makes a sequel to “The Happening”

Signs was pretty cool. The sixth sense was too. Then M Knight brought us doozies such as “the last airbender” and “the happening”. If you haven’t seen “the happening” here is my summary, Marky Mark Wahlberg spends 2 hours running from the wind while people kill themselves in terribly funny ways. A sequel seems unlikely I know, but the fact that the first movie ever got a green light is mystifying. If there is a sequel we are surely doomed.