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Special thanks to Josh Tucker for allowing me to post his work on this topic. His explanation of Article 1 Section 8 is very well done. We are lucky to have people like Josh out there working on quality projects like this.

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I asked my friend Kyle to be a contributor for this blog and he obliged me with this post. Welcome Kyle Herron to Less Than Unique, we look forward to more from him in the future.

Do we really need a leader?

I have listened to the republican debates for the past few months and I keep hearing how the next president needs to be a strong leader. I really cannot help but think that this statement could not be farther from the truth.

I am an adult that is able to run a household on a budget and manage my household regardless of the obstacles that come my way. I do not imagine my family to be that much different from the majority of other American families.

When I hear the candidates say how much we need a leader I cannot help but be offended.

I am the leader of my life, I do not need someone to step in an instruct me on the intricacies of my life.

If there is any worthy function of government it is to keep itself and others out of my way from reaching my full potential. I do not need a leader, I do not need someone to steal my income and send it to one of their friends, and I need government to stop enforcing ridiculous laws on me and my business.

The only thing I have seen government accomplish in my adult life is to exceed their limits and murder those in the way of their growth. I apologize for being so blunt when I say that I do not need a person 1000 miles away to direct me down the right path, but honestly they can get bent.

Over the past few years I have heard many reasons for keeping government controls, they usually argue the fact of how government has made our lives so much better, and they are usually based on slavery, or women’s rights, or the rights of some group being held down by another.

For some unknown reason we continue to ignore the fact that government perpetuated the problem by enforcing it through unjust laws.

Why do we base our morality on the laws our government enforces? Government was once the ones who enforced slavery, and separate but equal laws. The fact of the matter is in the past century government has done nothing but fix the problems that they have created and enforced.

Do we really need a leader?


Do we need someone who will realize the role of government is to stay out of the way of the individual and allow the individual to lead the world to its full potential?