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Happy Birthday Henry!

Posted: April 13, 2012 in Family


Today my son Henry turns 1 year old!

It is extremely exciting and somehow very sad at the same time.

In Henry’s first year his mother and I have seen his personality develop and we have witnessed what a sweet and happy child he is. Everywhere we go strangers stop and talk to him and they can’t help but smile and laugh at the big innocent grin he gives everyone he encounters.

Henry is known through our families as the baby who doesn’t make a big fuss about things. His laid back demeanor has been very complimentary to our lifestyle, we are on the go a lot and from a very early age Henry has been able to come along and enjoy activities with us.

In his first year some of his big adventures included:

– A trip to Branson and Silver Dollar City with his Mom, Dad, Aunt Sara, Aunt Stacey, and cousins AJ and LJ.

– Frequent dinners and lunches at area restaurants. Henry has wooed many a waitress and even a few waiters (one of which tried to take him home). He has solicited waves and smiles from across the restaurant out of everyone from teenagers to the elderly.

– A trip to Bass Pro Shops in Springfield where Henry got to see some huge fish, turtles, and lots of other neat animals. He also got to help Dad pick out some fishing lures.

– Attending a Ron Paul rally in Springfield where he won over all of the people sitting around us by sneaking up behind a lady in front of us and pulling her hair. He clapped with the crowd for Dr. Paul and shared our excitement for the event.

– A trip to Chuck E Cheese with his cousins AJ and LJ where he attempted his first ride, it ended with him trying to climb out in fear.

– Several hectic and tiring holiday’s spent driving back and forth to family dinners. Henry has always been a trooper and traveled very well, he also doesn’t give us a hard time with crazy holiday schedules.

– Attending the day care center full time. It was very difficult for my wife and I to send him to strangers for his daily care. But Henry has benefited greatly in his first year at day care, aside from a few black eyes, bumps and bruises, Henry has won the hearts of many of the teachers and developed impressively. It is rumored that he is the favorite little guy in the place and is known by the staff for his sweet nature and adorable smile.

– Learning sign language. He doesn’t know much but he can tell us that he is hungry without screaming. It has clearly alleviated the frustration that he must have been feeling as a result of being unable to communicate his most basic need. It was an incredibly proud moment when my son looked at me and touched his finger tips together to ask for “more”.

– Learned to walk. Henry began walking at 9 months, at one year old he is running and is very agile in his toddling. He is so curious and explorative that we must constantly be on alert, because he is trying to go everywhere!

I won’t go on and on about what he does and where he’s went, although I could for hours and never be tired of it.

This post is out of the norm for me because I don’t typically write about my family, because they are mine. I don’t want to share all of the details. But, at Henry’s first birthday I have been reflecting a lot on the last year and how greatly he has changed my life and my perspective on life. My little guy, who we affectionately call “Bear”, “Henry Bear”, “Baby Bear”, or “stinker”, was sent here to bring joy an happiness to anyone who was willing to accept it. He has had a profound impact on all of those around him and has been a blessing for us all.

I am the luckiest dad in the world, I have Henry.