UPDATE: 8/14/2012 Little Black Boxes for the United Surveillance of America

Posted: August 14, 2012 in Big Government, Police State

UPDATE: 8/14/2012 (little black boxes are now MANDATORY in all new vehicles, as required by the NHTSA) link here.

Recently, my long time friend was telling me about a theory that he had. I was astonished that I had never considered the scenario that he laid out. The next day after discussing the issue with him I began writing this post. To my surprise 2 highly trafficked websites that I frequent ran a story on this very topic on April 18. (HERE)

I am sure you have heard of an airliners “little black box”. You may have heard that some manufacturers and bureaucrats have considered some form of “black box” for vehicles. You may have also heard that some commercial fleets of delivery trucks have similar units in their trucks that track travel speeds, stop times, and other traffic info. (Example HERE)

What you may not know is that some railroad lines use similar technology to ensure that their massive machines are being driven according to protocol. My friend has first hand experience with these devices since he works for a major rail line. The devices are frequently checked and in the near future will be connected via wireless network to a remote location for constant live monitoring.

His theory is that one day the Federal Government will mandate these black boxes in all vehicles. In doing so they will be able to keep track of us, our location, our movement, our routine, etc.

In my estimation this is very likely to come true. So here is my expansion on his theory:

At some point in the very near future new vehicles will be mandated by the Federal Government to have “black boxes”. These boxes will be able to do more than log speed, they will log travel locations, stop times, refueling habits, tire pressure, oil cleanliness, GPS mapping of all travel,  exhaust emissions, fluid levels, seat belt usage, weight hauled or towed, accidents and accident locations, etc.,etc.,etc. Of course these boxes will be pushed on us under the auspices of safety and protection. Likely these devices will begin somewhat harmless and gradually morph into a tool of the state. They will eventually be mandated for all vehicles, not just new ones.

Every single thing I listed above can currently be tracked. Some of these items are already being monitored by our personal vehicles for our own purposes. It is not a difficult jump to make to collect all of this info in one location and record it. From there the unit could be accessed by law enforcement on the spot, or even remotely.

Perhaps one day there will be checkpoints, similar to automated turnpike toll areas. The checkpoints will be strategically placed near highly trafficked areas such as grocery stores, schools, and public buildings. The checkpoints will be relatively unnoticeable. Similar to traffic cameras the scanners will be mounted in a way that makes them forgetable.

The next logical question is, how will these systems remain in vehicles? The answer is simple, at first they will be wired into the vehicles computer. If the unit is removed the car will not drive. There will be the few people that know how to remove the units and will be willing to risk the large fine for doing so. However, the majority of people will never attempt to block or remove the devices for fear of the state.

RFID technology could even be utilized to tag vehicles with unique identification numbers to ID the vehicles owner, as a vehicle passed through the checkpoint the black box would be accessed remotely and the information would be uploaded and electronically reviewed. The placement of the RFID is as easy as placing it on your license plate renewal sticker, or inserting it into the plate itself. For the higly advanced, a chip in their skin will provide all of the information that the traffic scanner could need about who they are, where they live, where they work and how much their fine should be based on their income.

The information collected from the black box will be reviewed by a computer system. The system will be set up to look for anything from improper stop times at stop signs to evidence of a hit and run accident, and everything in between.

Using the plethora of information from the black boxes, speeding tickets could be issued based on recorded speeds on roads traveled (most GPS units have the speed limits of every driveable road in the US programmed into them making it easy to establish whether or not you were exceeding the posted speed limit). The same GPS units can monitor your behavior at traffic lights, intersections, and parking lots.

The Police will rarely be tasked to set up speed traps or patrol for traffic violations. As a result, the nation will be “saving money” by not paying as many officers to be on duty, not paying for as much fuel, not paying for as many patrol cars, and not paying for as many incidents between officers and citizens. (This will be the sales pitch)

The question of drug and alcohol monitoring also needs to be addressed. This one is fairly simple for the Federal Government to resolve as well. All vehicles will be mandated to have a blood alcohol level measuring device installed in them. These devices are similar to what multiple DUI drivers get put in their vehicles during probation, the major difference is that the devices will monitor for drug use as well. Violators will likely be sealed into their own vehicles until an officer can arrive to safely arrest them.

The illegal trafficking of narcotics would be much more difficult to detect without human inspection, but not impossible. Robotic “sniffers” are used routinely to search for explosives and narcotics by the military and border patrol. Checkpoints could have “sniffers” installed in the road to check every vehicle passing by for explosives or narcotics.

Another technology that would be useful are modular x-ray machines. Similar units are being used in airports to scan individuals, it is a fact that the DHS has outfitted passenger vans with larger units and are using them on roadways today to monitor the cargo of vehicles. Guns, ammunition, explosives, and packages of narcotics would all be easy to spot using the x-ray devices.

What happens if someone is spotted trafficking weapons, narcotics, or explosives? Utilizing “Onstar” like technology, the police checkpoints will be capable of transmitting an order to the vehicles computer to shut down the vehicles engine. The vehicle itself could be used to retain the violators and keep them trapped until police arrived.

Now comes the scary part, this is starting to become a reality. Bill # 1813S has passed the US Senate and is set to be voted on by The House, it includes section # 31406 . It is in this section that a Federal mandate to begin installing “black boxes” in all new vehicles beginning in 2015 exists. (Legislation can be found HERE)

The TSA and DHS are setting up highway checkpoints across the nation using VIPR teams and technology described previously in this post.

Drones are being deployed by Federal and state forces domestically to monitor civilian activity, as I wrote about in my previous post, “Eagle Eye”.

The police state is expanding by leaps and bounds and it will surely evolve to utilize all available technology to further its agenda. The police state agenda has recently grown through the passage of legislation such as the NDAA, which allows for the indefinite detention of American citizens without trial (HERE, there is tons of information available on this topic). There was the proposed crackdown on the internet with the legislation nicknamed PIPA and its counterpart SOPA. These were also widely publicized power grabs by the police statists. The horror didn’t end there however, a new monster nicknamed CISPA has emerged. Will it be defeated as well? It is almost daily that another power grab is reported either by mainstream or alternative news outlets.

Skeptics of the existence of a police state in America will say that all of these actions by government are in our best interest. They will say that people calling attention to legislative and policy driven power grabs by government are paranoid, misinformed, and even mentally deficient. (Example: Here)

The skeptics are clearly ignorant of history if they choose this argument. While the Nazi’s prepared for their “Final Solution”, the people inside the ghettos were told that the fences being installed around the perimeters of their neighborhoods were for, “their own protection”. Then as the lightly armed Nazi soldiers loaded the residents of the Ghettos into cattle cars they said that they “must hurry”, “the Russians were advancing”. They lied to their faces, scared them with lies about imminent danger, then painted themselves as heroes who were saving the people from the dangerous aggressors, then they drove the trains to concentration camps.

The tactic of creating a problem, offering a “solution”, and using the methods of implementing the solution to further tyranny against the people is as old as the hills, as proven by the the previously mentioned Nazi tactics against the Jewish people.

I believe that we are seeing history replayed before our eyes. We are seeing the erosion of personal freedoms and individual Liberty on a massive scale, but it is being done quietly with stealth maneuvers.

It seems that the public as a whole is misinformed and accepting of the official story regarding big government’s heavy handed legislation.

It also seems, fortunately, that segments of the population are beginning to realize that Leviathan is not our friend.

Unfortunately for Liberty however, there is a significant segment of the population that continues to cry for the Federal Government to “do more”.
One thing is for sure, we are on the path to a totalitarian highly centralized Federal government.

Are you willing to accept it?

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  1. stymo says:

    Very concise article. Full spectrum surveillance of every human being and what they are doing in real time, that’s the name of the game. I saw a video a preacher put out once talking about the cameras, wire taps, and eavesdropping on your emails a long time ago. He said that the reason all this is being put into place is because unlike God, who is all knowing and omnipotent, the coming anti-christ will need such a system in place to be able to control us, and/or act like a God.

    Whether you believe or not, what we are seeing is a total control grid being constructed around us, mostly under the guise of saving the planet or increasing or security. Don’t fall for it. It is inherently evil. Adolph Hitler probably had wet dreams of having this technology at his disposal. Imagine the power one could wield by not allowing another to get money out of their account, or have your car remotely switched off at any moment. This shit is real. We are in the pot of water, on top of the stove, the fire is lit.

    • swburke21 says:

      I personally am not convinced of the anti-christ perspective on all of this stuff, however, I do think that the people perpetrating these police state measures are inherently evil.

      The best way to fight back is to spread the word and help people see and understand what is happening.

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