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I find that the “immigration issue” is being politicized by both political parties in the United States. One side claims to be concerned with the human lives in danger if illegal immigrants continue to be allowed in, the other side claims to be concerned with the human lives that are in danger when the border with Mexico is militarized. The real problem is that both of them are correct with their concerns and neither side offers a realistic or valuable solution. Instead, we get backdoor amnesty moves like what Obama pulled recently in an attempt to “buy” votes. Instead, we get Presidential candidates declaring that they would erect another fence but this time it would be better…..yeah that works because the issue is that we are dealing with total idiots who can’t figure out a way to get around a taller fence.

We have a weak and struggling economy (although some of you are brainwashed to think that we don’t). We have huge problems with regulatory overreach by Federal agencies. We have soldiers in harms way for little to no reason. We are picking fights with more and more countries. Our national debt is growing rapidly. The budget deficit continues to widen. We have the worst drought in decades set in on the midwest, the nations crops are failing…..and we continue to talk about things like illegal immigration, Obamas birth certificate, and gay marriage. These things are not unimportant (well actually one is), but they are issues that are paraded around by the politicians and fomented by the press to create division among the populace. There is no intention of resolving these types of issues, these are the volleyball issues that neither party wants to solve. As long as they can hit the ball back over the net it will be the other sides problem to deal with. Occasionally one side will get a point over the other and just like volleyball one of the teams on the court always wins, the audience gets nothing more than a good feeling.

In retaliation for their constant back and forth I have written this, to express how ridiculous it all is.

These satirical letters to the American people are examples of how to secure the border from a “Right” and “Left” perspective.

Dear Patriots,

In order to secure our southern border the Federal Government will be declaring eminent domain over all private land within 25 miles of the border. After all legal citizens have been assisted with their relocation to newly built relocation assistance camps we will be detonating a series of tactical thermonuclear weapons along the border. This will create an impenetrable line of radiation that will need no maintenance and no supervision for decades. To further ensure that no illegal aliens can make it through there will be drones patrolling from overhead. These will not be surveillance drones, these will be the most sophisticated armed hunter killer drones available. The drone operators will be instructed to shoot anything that moves. The protection of legal citizens is our highest priority, take note that entering the border zone will be highly dangerous and should be avoided.

As residents of the border zone are aware, the enemy has become quite proficient at tunneling. At the outside edge of the irradiated zone the Army Corps of Engineers will take hundreds of machines and thousands of low wage unskilled workers and dig a trench across the border. This trench will be roughly 20 feet wide by 50 feet deep. Steel plates, steel rebar, steel beams, and billions of yards of concrete will fill this massive trench. Permanent ground penetrating radar stations will constantly monitor the earth around and below the “great underground wall”. Any evidence of a tunnel under the wall will be met with the finest bunker busting bombs delivered by the border air patrol. That’s right, in the name of “national security” no expense will be spared. An entire squadron of fighter jets will be on the ready to meet any air, or underground breach of the border. Again, the safety and security of all legal citizens is our highest priority. As a result, no commercial or private air traffic will be permitted near the border zone.

The enemy is crafty and has a reputation for defeating all security measures with simple and cheap methods. The best opportunity for this will be via the Gulf of Mexico. The obvious solution is an armada of the most advanced warships in the world, a network of buoy sensors, mines, and sea drones. Any inflatable raft or rowboat filled with illegal immigrants will be spotted and destroyed quickly and effectively. To ensure the safety and security of legal citizens, activity in or near the Gulf of Mexico will not be permitted.

In addition to threats created on land, by air, by sea, and underground, the enemy has adopted a “hearts and minds” campaign in the United States. To combat this offensive maneuver we are issuing wiretap warrants for every phone call made in the United States. Under the greatest legislation ever enacted, The Patriot Act, we will utilize all available resources to monitor text messages, emails, Facebook messages, Tweets and all other potentially harmful methods of communication. It is vital to national security to know everything that everyone is thinking, saying, or doing. We intend to document these potentially dangerous activities.

To further ensure the safety of American citizens the brave men and women of the United States military will be assisting law enforcement indefinitely. Rest assured America, the most noble, brave, intelligent, well trained, awesome people of our society are in those uniforms, nothing can go wrong.

The total cost of this vital defense is nearly impossible to project, likely start up costs will be in the trillions. Maintenance costs will likely be even higher. But we are not talking about a dam or bridge. We are talking about the future of this great nation. If this plan is not enacted, we will all be speaking Spanish in 2 years. Loaves of bread will no longer exist, instead only tortillas will be found. The American past time of barbecue grilling will vanish along with polish sausages, ribs, steaks, and hot dogs. Numerous combinations of cheese, shredded meat, tortilla, and salsa will be the new national cuisine. Football, baseball, and basketball will be replaced with soccer. This is guaranteed to happen. We must nuke the border, and we must suspend all laws in order to accomplish this. We will re-institute the rule of law as soon as it is safe, we promise.

– The Republican Federal Government


Dear Straight People, LGBT People, White People, Minorities, Handicapped People, Young People, Old People, Middle Aged People, Rich People, Poor People, Middle Class People, all other specific groups of people are equally considered in the writing of this Facebook status update,

We face a humanitarian crisis on our southern border! We must act quickly to ensure that no lives are unnecessarily lost, human or animal alike. As a result of the urgency of this situation we are suspending The Constitution and operating under international law as…directed by the United Nations.

Beginning today the newly formed international joint armed forces are being deployed to every major metropolitan area within the contiguous United States. This is being done in an effort to assist local police forces with the implementation of new citizenship requirements.

The new citizenship requirements are as follows: if you can get here, you are a citizen.

This new streamlined and efficient approach is more appropriate for todays modern lifestyle. We should no longer be bound by the laws and regulations of a much more simple time. Todays fast paced world and ever changing technological advances are advancing much more quickly than law in the United States. Because of this disconnect between trends and law, the office of the Presidency in cooperation with the United Nations has dissolved congress and the supreme court. The three bickering and partisan branches of government are inefficient and legislation was far too difficult to enact under the old system. Through internet polling and Facebook “Likes” the United States will engage in a direct democracy where the people and the President make the choice, after UN approval, your choice will be law. Gone are the stumbling points of the outdated Republican form of government that this nation struggled under for over 200 years.

Along with the new “true democratic” method of decision making our great nation is moving toward equality on many fronts. To help ensure the equality between new immigrants and current citizens we have taken the advice of some of the most highly educated Americans and implemented a new policy of disarmament. The weak and unarmed will no longer suffer at the hands of those with weapons. What was once considered the great equalizer has since turned into a tool of inequality, pitting man against man and resulting in murder.

We expect the Religious Right Wing Republicans to resist disarmament. They cling to their Bibles and guns in times of change. The resulting uprising must be squashed. But do not be afraid, as we move forward into this new and great America the international armed forces of the UN will protect Americans from any violent uprising. Any individual posing a threat to the collective will be dealt with accordingly.

In this great time of change the wealth issues facing America must be addressed. In order for the advancement of this society we must break down the class barriers that exist. Science has proven that in the animal kingdom and in human history it is unnatural for people or animals to differentiate themselves from the collective because of talent or access to resources. The most successful species do no specialize their work or their workers thus compensation is not specialized, this is a scientific fact. It is time for the 99% to all be part of the 1%.

Join us as we push forward! Join us as we change America! Join us as we bring hope, love, happiness, and equality to everyone! Join us as we eliminate racism, murder, trans fats, sugary drinks, and wealth!*

– The Modern Democratic Federal Government

*All Americans are encouraged to participate however, if you are religious, wealthy, less educated, untrendy, and less “green”, please do not bother rallying with us. We can spot you. You will be imprisoned. Thanks!


UPDATE: 8/14/2012 (little black boxes are now MANDATORY in all new vehicles, as required by the NHTSA) link here.

Recently, my long time friend was telling me about a theory that he had. I was astonished that I had never considered the scenario that he laid out. The next day after discussing the issue with him I began writing this post. To my surprise 2 highly trafficked websites that I frequent ran a story on this very topic on April 18. (HERE)

I am sure you have heard of an airliners “little black box”. You may have heard that some manufacturers and bureaucrats have considered some form of “black box” for vehicles. You may have also heard that some commercial fleets of delivery trucks have similar units in their trucks that track travel speeds, stop times, and other traffic info. (Example HERE)

What you may not know is that some railroad lines use similar technology to ensure that their massive machines are being driven according to protocol. My friend has first hand experience with these devices since he works for a major rail line. The devices are frequently checked and in the near future will be connected via wireless network to a remote location for constant live monitoring.

His theory is that one day the Federal Government will mandate these black boxes in all vehicles. In doing so they will be able to keep track of us, our location, our movement, our routine, etc.

In my estimation this is very likely to come true. So here is my expansion on his theory:

At some point in the very near future new vehicles will be mandated by the Federal Government to have “black boxes”. These boxes will be able to do more than log speed, they will log travel locations, stop times, refueling habits, tire pressure, oil cleanliness, GPS mapping of all travel,  exhaust emissions, fluid levels, seat belt usage, weight hauled or towed, accidents and accident locations, etc.,etc.,etc. Of course these boxes will be pushed on us under the auspices of safety and protection. Likely these devices will begin somewhat harmless and gradually morph into a tool of the state. They will eventually be mandated for all vehicles, not just new ones.

Every single thing I listed above can currently be tracked. Some of these items are already being monitored by our personal vehicles for our own purposes. It is not a difficult jump to make to collect all of this info in one location and record it. From there the unit could be accessed by law enforcement on the spot, or even remotely.

Perhaps one day there will be checkpoints, similar to automated turnpike toll areas. The checkpoints will be strategically placed near highly trafficked areas such as grocery stores, schools, and public buildings. The checkpoints will be relatively unnoticeable. Similar to traffic cameras the scanners will be mounted in a way that makes them forgetable.

The next logical question is, how will these systems remain in vehicles? The answer is simple, at first they will be wired into the vehicles computer. If the unit is removed the car will not drive. There will be the few people that know how to remove the units and will be willing to risk the large fine for doing so. However, the majority of people will never attempt to block or remove the devices for fear of the state.

RFID technology could even be utilized to tag vehicles with unique identification numbers to ID the vehicles owner, as a vehicle passed through the checkpoint the black box would be accessed remotely and the information would be uploaded and electronically reviewed. The placement of the RFID is as easy as placing it on your license plate renewal sticker, or inserting it into the plate itself. For the higly advanced, a chip in their skin will provide all of the information that the traffic scanner could need about who they are, where they live, where they work and how much their fine should be based on their income.

The information collected from the black box will be reviewed by a computer system. The system will be set up to look for anything from improper stop times at stop signs to evidence of a hit and run accident, and everything in between.

Using the plethora of information from the black boxes, speeding tickets could be issued based on recorded speeds on roads traveled (most GPS units have the speed limits of every driveable road in the US programmed into them making it easy to establish whether or not you were exceeding the posted speed limit). The same GPS units can monitor your behavior at traffic lights, intersections, and parking lots.

The Police will rarely be tasked to set up speed traps or patrol for traffic violations. As a result, the nation will be “saving money” by not paying as many officers to be on duty, not paying for as much fuel, not paying for as many patrol cars, and not paying for as many incidents between officers and citizens. (This will be the sales pitch)

The question of drug and alcohol monitoring also needs to be addressed. This one is fairly simple for the Federal Government to resolve as well. All vehicles will be mandated to have a blood alcohol level measuring device installed in them. These devices are similar to what multiple DUI drivers get put in their vehicles during probation, the major difference is that the devices will monitor for drug use as well. Violators will likely be sealed into their own vehicles until an officer can arrive to safely arrest them.

The illegal trafficking of narcotics would be much more difficult to detect without human inspection, but not impossible. Robotic “sniffers” are used routinely to search for explosives and narcotics by the military and border patrol. Checkpoints could have “sniffers” installed in the road to check every vehicle passing by for explosives or narcotics.

Another technology that would be useful are modular x-ray machines. Similar units are being used in airports to scan individuals, it is a fact that the DHS has outfitted passenger vans with larger units and are using them on roadways today to monitor the cargo of vehicles. Guns, ammunition, explosives, and packages of narcotics would all be easy to spot using the x-ray devices.

What happens if someone is spotted trafficking weapons, narcotics, or explosives? Utilizing “Onstar” like technology, the police checkpoints will be capable of transmitting an order to the vehicles computer to shut down the vehicles engine. The vehicle itself could be used to retain the violators and keep them trapped until police arrived.

Now comes the scary part, this is starting to become a reality. Bill # 1813S has passed the US Senate and is set to be voted on by The House, it includes section # 31406 . It is in this section that a Federal mandate to begin installing “black boxes” in all new vehicles beginning in 2015 exists. (Legislation can be found HERE)

The TSA and DHS are setting up highway checkpoints across the nation using VIPR teams and technology described previously in this post.

Drones are being deployed by Federal and state forces domestically to monitor civilian activity, as I wrote about in my previous post, “Eagle Eye”.

The police state is expanding by leaps and bounds and it will surely evolve to utilize all available technology to further its agenda. The police state agenda has recently grown through the passage of legislation such as the NDAA, which allows for the indefinite detention of American citizens without trial (HERE, there is tons of information available on this topic). There was the proposed crackdown on the internet with the legislation nicknamed PIPA and its counterpart SOPA. These were also widely publicized power grabs by the police statists. The horror didn’t end there however, a new monster nicknamed CISPA has emerged. Will it be defeated as well? It is almost daily that another power grab is reported either by mainstream or alternative news outlets.

Skeptics of the existence of a police state in America will say that all of these actions by government are in our best interest. They will say that people calling attention to legislative and policy driven power grabs by government are paranoid, misinformed, and even mentally deficient. (Example: Here)

The skeptics are clearly ignorant of history if they choose this argument. While the Nazi’s prepared for their “Final Solution”, the people inside the ghettos were told that the fences being installed around the perimeters of their neighborhoods were for, “their own protection”. Then as the lightly armed Nazi soldiers loaded the residents of the Ghettos into cattle cars they said that they “must hurry”, “the Russians were advancing”. They lied to their faces, scared them with lies about imminent danger, then painted themselves as heroes who were saving the people from the dangerous aggressors, then they drove the trains to concentration camps.

The tactic of creating a problem, offering a “solution”, and using the methods of implementing the solution to further tyranny against the people is as old as the hills, as proven by the the previously mentioned Nazi tactics against the Jewish people.

I believe that we are seeing history replayed before our eyes. We are seeing the erosion of personal freedoms and individual Liberty on a massive scale, but it is being done quietly with stealth maneuvers.

It seems that the public as a whole is misinformed and accepting of the official story regarding big government’s heavy handed legislation.

It also seems, fortunately, that segments of the population are beginning to realize that Leviathan is not our friend.

Unfortunately for Liberty however, there is a significant segment of the population that continues to cry for the Federal Government to “do more”.
One thing is for sure, we are on the path to a totalitarian highly centralized Federal government.

Are you willing to accept it?

Additional Reading:

We are in the middle of what is the worst drought since the Dust Bowl of the 1930s. This act of mother nature, has been exacerbated by poor farming practices. So are the farmers to blame for the new Dust Bowl that is quickly approaching?

Many farmers are subsidized by the Federal government and paid to not grow crops. As a matter of fact, the USDA is reporting that more applications for this “conservation” program are at an all time high. (Story here)

Others receive Federal dollars that cover their bottom line which then allows them to grow crops purely for profit. As discsussed time and again here, profit is not an issue itself, but merciless greed with profit as the driving motive is highly dangerous especially so when government is subsidizing such behavior. (All that you have to do is look at what merciless greed and government subsidies did to the housing market) Still yet some farmers are given subsidies to grow crops to be used for fuel, without going into detail about how insanely inefficient this is, it is simple enough to say that we should not be burning possible food as fuel, it is ludicrous. (I will save the rant about ethanol fuels for another day)

The real issues at hand here are that consumer demand does not necessarily determine what is grown, the commodities and futures market determine what is grown, or government mandates as I previously mentioned. I understand that speculation in the commodity futures market helps maintain steady prices year round but what has been going on is purely gambling. The speculated prices are driving the farmers to grow what will make them the most money right now with no regard to potential failure in the future.

With the main motivating factor behind farming becoming profit and the fact that farmers are guaranteed to get paid through subsidies regardless of whether crops are successful or not, there is little regard for the land itself. The same crops are grown year after year depleting the soil of nutrients to the point that harsh chemical (petroleum based) fertilizers must be continuously dumped onto the land so that crops will even grow. Methods implemented after the first dust bowl in the 1930s such as crop rotation have been thrown to the wayside in favor of government funded profit farming. What has resulted is a wholesale erosion of the topsoil and fertile farm ground that had made America the breadbasket of the world. We are faced with dry, malnourished, crevice filled, cracking psuedo soil. The formerly substantial farm land of the midwest is now an oversized junkie hooked on Federal dollars and fertilizers.

What is the incentive for a farmer to take care of his land if he will be paid regardless of success or failure? Or paid to not even grow crops under the USDA’s conservation program as discussed and linked to earlier.

Is this not just welfare for farmers? We call it a “subsidy” just as we call welfare “assistance”, it’s just a matter of semantics. Substantively farm subsidies are welfare. What is the incentive for the farmer to do the right thing? Very little. What is the incentive to do the wrong thing? Money and quite a bit of it! But back to the point….

Dying crops, and low supply of needed crops are serious threats to American prosperity but not the only threats. Rivers across the land are drying up including the Mighty Mississippi. (Story here) It is safe to assume that reservoirs, wells, and water tables are going dry from lack of replenishment as well.

When this new dust bowl is at full throat and we see a mass failure of crops coupled with skyrocketing prices at our stores due to shortages of supply and a lack of clean drinking water, there will be panic. But should there be?

For decades America has had an overabundance of food. So much so that we have experienced an obesity epidemic. Americans are notorious for throwing away tons of food per year. As a result it has been difficult to imagine that this could ever change. The practices of canning, drying, freezing, and freeze drying were relegated by society to be the activities of paranoid people. Why stockpile food? Why store and preserve food? There is a ready supply just up the street at Wal Mart!

Government policies have reflected this disdain for preparedness. The Department of Homeland Security classifies anyone with stores of food to be potential terror suspects. The very people who should be encouraging preparedness among the populace have discouraged it at every turn. Laws against home gardening and practices such as rain water collection have furthered the issue of unpreparedness to ridiculous levels. This is such an epidemic that if you buy 6 cans of green beans at the store the cashier asks if you’re “filling your fallout shelter” with a smirk. The arrogance about what we have is obscene and our nations consumerism mindset needs adjusted.

Policies, laws, and practices have created a very unfavorable circumstance for a new dust bowl to occur in. The people of the United States are ill prepared and unexpectant. I fear that as a result many will go hungry. Unfortunately at this point the best thing that we can do is pray for rain in the fall and snow in the winter and put some food and water in the pantry.

I started writing this several months ago when gas prices started rising again and everyone was complaining about the oil companies and their huge profits. The topic was spotlighted again when President Obama made his recent remarks that apparently credited the mere existence of roads for all successful businesses in this country. His comments added a new angle to the favorite trump card argument of every Big Government type, “what about the roads?”. Enjoy.

Most people that I talk to aren’t aware that there is a Federal excise tax imposed on every gallon of clear diesel or gasoline purchased by consumers in this country, there are also variable state, county, and municipal fuel excise taxes. This excise tax is not a sales tax. It is also quite sizable…..

“The United States federal excise tax on gasoline is 18.4 cents per gallon (cpg) and 24.4 cents per gallon (cpg) for diesel fuel. On average, as of April 2012, state and local taxes add 31.1 cents to gasoline and 30.2 cents to diesel for a total US average fuel tax of 49.5 cents (cpg) per gallon for gas and 54.6 cents per gallon (cpg) for diesel.” – courtesy of Gas Price (emphasis added)

These excise taxes supposedly exist for the purpose of building and maintaining roads. They are essentially usage taxes that are intended to fund the roads and infrastructure that your vehicle needs to operate on.

If you have ever argued with a big government type about the elimination of income and property taxes they immediately whip out their go to argument, “what about the roads?!”. Clearly, they are not educated in the way that the taxes they advocate are intended to be allocated.*

I assume that if you read this blog regularly and were not previously aware of this fuel excise tax, you are most likely not shocked to hear of its existence. (After all, isn’t everything taxed?)

Now that you know the Federal, State and local Governments in America make money off of every gallon of gas sold you have to question why Big Government types argue for federally mandated higher MPG standards for cars when higher MPG’s mean less fuel used. Logically if less fuel is bought then less fuel tax is collected.

Isn’t this a direct contradiction?

I have to ask these people, “What about the roads?!”.

They obviously don’t see that supporting Federally mandated higher MPG standards will reduce the government excise tax revenue thus depleting funds available for road work and repair. Unfortunately in this scenario there are likely just as many cars on the road as before, but there is less money coming in to maintain the roads. This inevitably leads to the unchecked degradation of infrastructure.

This same consequence can of course occur naturally in a free market as well. Let’s assume MPG standards are not artificially set by the Federal Government. We can also safely assume that the price of fuel will fluctuate as a result of supply and demand and other market factors.

When fuel prices trend upward the demand for inefficient vehicles goes down. As more fuel efficient vehicles take to the streets the consumption of gasoline goes down. (additionally due to higher prices people will car pool, drive less often, etc., further reducing consumption) As the consumption of gasoline goes down the tax revenue from fuel excise taxes goes down as well.

In this scenario, the reduced tax revenue for road maintenance is offset by the fact that less cars are on the road traveling less miles. As a result, less maintenance and construction is required due to less wear and tear.

The major difference between the government regulated MPG scenario and the free market MPG scenario is that:

The reduction of consumption is artificial when Federally mandated MPG standards are imposed – The market did not influence auto makers and buyers to have higher MPG’s, government regulation did. This can negatively effect the price of vehicles as well as artificially diminish tax revenue for road construction and maintenance.

Vehicle Prices:

With MPG mandates imposed on auto manufacturers the price to produce a vehicle goes up artificially. The automaker is required to invest more dollars into each unit it produces in order to meet the new mandates. To recoup these additional costs, the manufacturer must raise the selling price of each unit. In some cases the new high MPG vehicle may be a flop because the market does not demand it, in which case the automaker suffers a huge loss from manufacturing a vehicle that nobody will buy. (See the Chevrolet Volt)

Without MPG mandates if the market demands vehicles with higher MPG’s then the producers are capable of selling vehicles at a higher price that the market is willing to bare because they are supplying a demand for higher MPG’s. Higher demand with lower supply means that each unit is worth more (scarcity). This increased price per unit justifies the additional expense of each unit on behalf of the producer. (See the Toyota Prius several years ago as an example)

Excise Tax Revenue: The MPG mandates cause excise tax revenue to decline as described earlier in the post.

To combat the diminishing tax revenue resulting from lower consumption and better MPG’s the government in all of its wisdom is mulling creating a mileage tax. That’s right not only will you be taxed for buying your car, owning your car, and buying your fuel; you will get the pleasure of being taxed for driving your car! Eventually the mileage tax will lead to a limit on miles that can be driven. Because once the government tracks how much of something you are doing, they ultimately want to be able to tell you to do it less or face the consequences.

What is the point of all this?

My point here is that when you advocate less tax there are “intellectuals” who quickly attempt to paint you as a hypocrite over issues such as the funding of public roads. The goal is to claim that you take advantage of what you rail against, as a result your argument is invalid in their eyes. It is the typical strategy of discrediting the messenger and avoiding the message.

Typically, the people who rush to call me a hypocrite because I want less tax but drive my vehicle on the road are the same people seeking to limit the funding of roads through unnecessary and harmful Federal mandates such as higher mpg standards, mileage taxes, etc.

Aren’t they the hypocrites?

Yes they are.

What’s more troubling about the Federal Excise Tax on fuel in particular is the blatant disregard for making prudent spending decisions and complete lack of financial oversight. (Surprised?)

As usual government takes your money for one purpose then just uses it for whatever the hell they want, mostly funding the bureaucracy. According to Wikipedia, in 2007 Transportation Secretary Mary Peters stated that 60% of federal excise tax collected went toward the funding of road projects. The remaining 40% went toward earmarks. (I could not find statistics from the current administration)  The following are a couple of earmarked projects from the 2005 Highway Funding Bill.

– $8,000,000 to build a parking garage at a hospital in Harlem, New York

– $223,000,000 for the “bridge to nowhere” in Alaska.

The above examples are just a drop in the bucket of Government waste and fraud. I believe it has become clear that Government will not keep itself in check. Without the vigilance of the public to keep them honest and responsible the Federal Leviathan will undoubtedly continue on its path to totalitarianism….but at least we will have roads.

For a stunningly comprehensive analysis of the downfalls of Federally controlled road projects click here.

* I do not believe that government agencies are either the best or cheapest method of building and maintaining roads. When private firms compete for the work the taxpayer benefits drastically.

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