You Didn’t Earn Your Diploma, Someone Else Did.

Posted: July 19, 2012 in Favorite Posts, Libertarianism, Politics
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The psuedo intellectual left is applauding President Obama’s recent remarks toward people that own businesses. The quote although much longer than what I have here can be summed up in one sentence, “If you’ve got a business you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen.”


Clearly this man has zero business experience or common sense if he is making statements like this in public.

The point of his remarks seemed to be that nobody goes it alone, somewhere along the line everyone receives a helping hand from someone else, even in the business world. Sure they do. But Im afraid this fact doesn’t prove what he is trying to make it prove. The real driving force behind Obama’s remarks is to put a damper on the individual liberty movement. The President is reminding us all that we are a collective which is interdependent on one another. Which to an extent is true, but again the President has an approach that is completely wrong.

See, as a proponent of individual Liberty I believe that each person has the right to life, liberty, and property without the infringement of those rights by another individual. In that basic explanation you can see the respect that is placed toward the collective. As an individual you respect the collective by not forcing your beliefs, values, or desires onto another individuals life, liberty, or property. In fact individualism greatly benefits the collective. The encouragement of things such as the specialization of labor and self determination foster a strong foundation for our society.

When an individual can stand on their own they are more likely to lend a hand and voluntarily help another stand too. But when our legs are all bound together like we are in a giant gunny sack race it is more likely that we will all fall when a few lose their balance.

Back to the President’s comments.

Can you imagine the news coverage if someone like Mitt Romney came out and said, “If you’ve got a diploma, you didn’t earn that. Somebody else made that happen.”

The psuedo intellectual left would be up in arms! “How dare you degrade our education! How dare you imply that all of my hours studying, taking notes, listening to lectures, researching, writing, and reading were not how I earned my diploma! How dare you imply that the guidance of my professors and text books are responsible for my success! How dare you imply that the scholarships I received are responsible for my success and not me!”

Can you draw the parallel yet?

Go back to the previous paragraph and replace, “studying, taking notes, listening to lectures, researching, writing, and reading were not how I earned my diploma” with “working overtime, doing the work of 3 people, accounting, marketing, networking, and finding suppliers were not how I built my business”.

Go back and replace, “guidance of my professors and text books” with ” guidance of my business partner and lawyer”.

Go back and replace, “scholarships” with “small business loans”.

Am I being clear now?

There is a hatred toward businesses and business men from the left and it is out of total ignorance of what it takes and how it is done. As a small business owner and having grown up with 2 generations of business owners before me I have lived the life I am discussing, I have seen it first hand.

With that said, I am not a paleontologist and have basically zero knowledge of how they do their job….but that doesn’t mean that I should tell everyone I see that Paleontologists are greedy bone hoarding jerks that carelessly move dirt and sand to get what they want and have no regard for the surrounding ecosystem. 

This is basically what Obama and the intellectuals on the left are doing. They are out marching around with their 99% signs blaming business for all that is wrong in America. They are attempting to “prove” that individuals can’t be successful in business without government aid. Their comments go without scrutiny from the Big Media Presstitutes and all logical arguments are ignored. The hostility of the left toward businesses is blatant and unapologetic.

So I ask: Mr. President, don’t try to take away someones hard work and achievement because it wasn’t hard work and achievement in your preferred manner. Respect the sacrifice and determination that many people have put into their work. Most of all, don’t forget who butters your bread. Business is a part of everything, even the school system. Government would not exist without businesses footing the bill.

  1. Dave says:

    The implication Obama’s making with these remarks is that only government is able to provide the framework in which the free market can thrive. That’s not true. If government were granted the responsibility of providing food for everyone, Obama would claim that only government is capable of keeping people from starvation. But just because government shoves itself down the throat of society doesn’t mean it has to be that way, or it’s better that way.

    That’s my biggest problem with his statements. I do agree with your points as well, however. Nice post.

  2. Billy Bob says:

    I meant to comment on this and forgot. Obviously, as you mentioned, this was taken out of context and you understand that. But the problem is, most people did not listen to the whole speech. Not only was it taken out of context, but the furthest back anyone is going who has scrutinized his remarks is about 30 seconds. The whole speech was an illustration of the differences between his approach and Romneys approach. His illustration was not that government is the only way for people to succeed or that business is bad, it was to simply state that his approach involves building America from the ground up, or from the middle out, and not from the top down. And that romneys approach is to add more tax cuts for the top 2%., while cutting investments in government programs that may have been successful. It’s not that he feels we can’t stand on our own two feet without government, it’s that he feels you need a solid foundation to start from. Cutting some government programs that are effective to compensate for the 5 trillion dollars in additional tax cuts for the wealthy, or increasing taxes on the middle class to compensate for the same reason, puts the middle class in a crisis like it did at the start of the recession. Obama even said in this speech that not all government programs are effective. No one seems to be quoting that one though. He is simply illustrating that building from the top down doesn’t work. Removing all regulations and letting everyone do whatever they want doesnt work. It didn’t work while bush was in office and it won’t work when the next republican is elected. He is proposing that instead of sticking our noses up in the air if we are successful, and thinking we were the sole reason for it, to look back and see what opportunities you benefitted from by living in this country. And how without someone there to help out, we aren’t always as ‘successful’ as we think we would be. And of course, when I say ‘you,’ I don’t mean you. Or me. But those who fall in the upper 1 or 2%. There just isn’t much humility in this group of people. He’s saying “give back” and making the point that a lot of successful, wealthy people agree with him, because they know. “We’re in this together” was his point. And “this” was not referring to the success of a small portion of America. Or individual rewards. But “this” is referring to coming out of the worst economic situation since the depression. As a country. Cant do it individually. And we can’t do it by giving more tax cuts to people who don’t need it so they can stick that money in their pockets. Sure, people build their own businesses. He knows that. We all know that. But he’s talking about the road it takes to get there. That’s what we, as a country, build together by implementing policies that make sense for everyone.

    Sorry for the long post, love reading your take on things as always.

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