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Game Changer

Posted: June 7, 2012 in Satire

It’s time to change the game with a game changing announcement.

Today I decided, after months of contemplation, that the game was no longer suitable. It needs to undergo changes.

When I was assessing the game it was evident that there was room for improvement in many areas. These changes will not be made half heartedly. Rest assured, when I begin changing the game I will give it 110%.

Woulda, shoulda, coulda, game change is here.

One by one, game change is done.

If you’re not first, you should change the game.

Commitment to game changing.

Get the point? This phrase is worn out!

Quit saying “game changer”.

Thank you.


Updated material is past the previously posted story.

Remember the movie Eagle Eye? Remember how the computer could see where the guy was the whole time and all it had to do was tap into ATM cameras, traffic cameras, security cameras, etc. To accomplish it.

Well it just got easier.

According to that article we should expect 30,000 drones in our skies by 2020.

On a typical day there are some 4-6,000 commercial jets in the sky at any time. Think about it, any time you look up you can usually see at least 2-3 planes crossing the sky. Imagine 5 times that number of planes in the sky, that will be the quantity of drones in our airspace by 2020.

There are roughly 35,000 cities and towns in the United States. This means there will be enough drones in 8 years to put one on patrol over almost every single city or town in the US.

There are roughly 350 million people in the United States. Making the 30,000 drones, approximately one drone per each 11,500 people. There are only 13,000 McDonald’s restaurants in the US, that is approximately one per every 29,000 people. There will be over 2 times the amount of drones in the sky as there are McDonald’s on the ground.

There are roughly 150 million homes in the United States. Approximately one drone per 5,000 houses. Google how many houses are in your area.

The land area of the United States is 3.79 million square miles. Divided between 30,000 drones that is only 126 square miles to patrol in order to canvas the United States.

The patrol area of a Northrop Grumman Global Hawk drone is 4000 square miles per day. At that rate, the 30,000 drones could survey every square mile of the country 32 times every single day. Consider that there are vast expanses of mountains, water, and desert that would be virtually unnecessary to patrol because they are uninhabitable.

Combine these drones with GPS in our phones, RFID tags in our credit cards and ID badges, Onstar and GPS in our vehicles, traffic cameras, security cameras, police car dash cams, etc. And you have a scenario where if the right person is looking they can find you, watch you, and record you, whenever and wherever they want.

The drones eliminate the little privacy that was left when hiding from cameras and other tracking devices.


Traffic cameras can’t see into your fenced in back yard to watch your kids play, or your wife sunbath.

Security cameras in the store can’t create heat signature images of the inside of your home from thousands of feet in the air. Drone operators will know how hot you take your showers, what time you go to bed, etc., etc., etc.

You can put your RFID credit card in a blocking wallet to prevent unwanted transmission of personal data. Unless you’re underground, you can’t hide from the drones.

You can yank your dash GPS out of your car and throw it in the ditch, or leave your phone at home, or have Onstar removed from your vehicle. But the drones will still fly.

Keep in mind, not all drones are created equal. Not all drones are equipped with only cameras. Some drones are quite powerful. The link below is for one of the first hunter killer drones built and it has replaced F16 fighter jets for an entire squadron. It is currently in service with the United States border patrol.

We aren’t talking about SkyNet, this isn’t a sci-fi movie, this is real life. This is the police state in action.

UPDATE: the following links expand on what I previously reported in this post. I feel this is one of the biggest issues facing our country, that is why I am reposting this with new information.,0,3627487.story