Credit The Revolutionaries, Not The Bureaucracy.

Posted: May 15, 2012 in Big Government, Favorite Posts, Libertarianism
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From time to time I hear someone say that the institutionalized segregation of Black and White Americans ended as a result of the passage of the “Civil Rights Act”. To me a statement like this is similar to celebrating the government for ending prohibition……they created it in the first place!

I will concede that there were most likely some businesses that did feel compelled to desegregate as a result of the legislation rather than face penalty. I can’t argue that sometimes a law, no matter how overdue it is, can have the results it is intended to have, at least to some extent.  I do however argue that crediting the government with ending institutionalized segregation is wholly inaccurate and deeply disrespectful, I will elaborate later in the post on these statements.

I also believe that all individuals in this nation are equal, thus, they should be treated equally. The law cannot treat one group more favorably than another. It is this fact that determines the responsibility of the law to protect any individual from being discriminated against for being different.

With these statements made, I am going to offer my opinion on the Federal Government’s participation in segregation and desegregation in the USA.

To say that the United States Federal Government is responsible for desegregation is inaccurate and disrespectful. Millions of Black Americans risked their lives, risked their families lives, and peacefully fought to end institutionalized segregation in this nation. To credit government legislation for ending segregation is to discredit the efforts and struggle of those Black Americans.

What was accomplished by the Black Civil Rights Movement was monumental and unparalleled in American history. Similar to the American Revolution, this group of people was fighting for their right to exist as equals and not be subservient to any other group. Unlike the American Revolution the Civil Rights Movement was mostly peaceful. Sure, violence and bloodshed occurred, but the vigilance and determination of figures such as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. guided an overwhelmingly peaceful revolution. The successful desegregation of America was not done by government, America was desegregated by a motivated, organized, and intelligent movement of oppressed individuals who wanted to change things to embetter their lives.

I firmly believe that desegregation would have occurred sooner if it hadn’t been for the Federal Government. Terms such as “seperate but equal” were created at the hands of government. Laws and regulations perpetuated the problem and gave those practicing inequality a legal leg to stand on. The system was set up to allow for the oppression of Black Americans.  The apathy and racist tendencies of the majority allowed for the legal plunder of the minority, the exact problem that a Republican form of Government is intended to prevent. “The tyranny of the majority” is a side effect of democracy and was a key reason for the United States founding fathers adoption of a Representative Republic over a Democracy.

Bureaucrats capitalize on the struggles and successes of the oppressed to further their own agendas. They ride the coat tails of the real heroes and loudly credit themselves for the achievements of others. While they frequently fail to admit that they themselves or their uncontested counterparts were the origination of the oppression being fought.

Please, credit the revolutionaries, not the bureaucracy. People make the changes not government. Angry people who can’t suffer through government sanctioned intolerance any longer. Oppressed people who refuse to continue to be held down. Awakened people who defy the lies and propaganda they had been lulled to sleep with.

  1. Jeff says:

    The same can be said for the current struggle for gay rights. President Obama is suddenly a hero because he declared his support for something that is already Constitutional. Give me a break. Gay rights will come to pass because the gay community has finally had enough of being oppressed by the government. If any politician deserves credit, it would be someone like Ron Paul who has stood for liberty consistently.

    • swburke21 says:

      You’re on point with what you said about gay rights.

      One thing that I fear about the politicizing of gay rights is that government intervention in the repealing of discriminatory legislation will lead to a shift in discrimination in the opposite direction.

      Think of the things that government has attempted to do in order to compensate for the sanctioned discrimination of Black Americans. An example would be “Affirmative Action”. As well intentioned as it is “Affirmative Action” is nothing more than another discriminatory practice. Only it favors minorities and discriminates against white people.

      Being gay isn’t something that should be rewarded or punished. It just is what it is and government needs to leave it alone and get out of the way.

  2. Jeff says:

    Amen, Mr. Burke. I’ve got to hand it to you. You and my good friend Brad Scholes have done more to influence my slow change in political thought than anyone else. If it weren’t for Brad, I’d have never even picked up Ron Paul’s books. Thanks. Common sense can’t deny that liberty works. And I have been a dyed-in-the-wool Democrat all of my life. Keep preaching.

    • swburke21 says:

      I appreciate the kudos. The message sells itself when it is articulated into a practical format, this blog is my way of doing that.

      Something I suggest you invest in is a Sirius Sattelite radio. Now I don’t put much stock in talk radio or talk radio personalities but, Patriot channel 125 has 2 hosts that are worth hearing. Mike Church is on from 5am-8am and Andrew Wilkow “The Wilkow Majority” is on from 11am-2pm. Both have an insanely deep knowledge of the constitution and are Liberty minded, free market Republicans. I have heard several topics discussed that led to further research on my behalf. There is a Left channel on 127 for easy side by side comparison.

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