Paul vs. Paul

Posted: May 3, 2012 in Economics, Ron Paul
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I am currently researching for and writing a 3 part post dealing with unemployment and the current state of the economy. I am attempting to funnel my limited time and efforts into creating the best quality analysis that I can.

This is difficult because I do not have internet at home for the time being and am forced to use my cell phone for all research and writing. I am also attempting to get 3 new business ideas off the ground, while working full time, being a dad, and caring for all of my other responsibilities. Posts are becoming more difficult to find time for and the frequency of my posts has decreased to about one a week. I apologize for my lackluster performance lately, but I am trying.

For now, here is a video courtesy of Bloomberg Television pitting Ron Paul and Paul Krugman against each other in a debate.


Thanks for checking in!

  1. Jeff says:

    Watched this debate a few days before you posted it. The debate wasn’t even close. Dr. Paul ate Krugman for lunch. You’ve done a good job of exposing the corruption in our current two (one) party system. So I’ve got to ask you, if Romney is indeed the nominee, will you write in Ron Paul or swallow your pride and vote for Mittens?

    • swburke21 says:

      In 2008 I refused to vote for John McCain and wrote in Ron Paul. I will do the same thing this time around. I will not compromise my ideals just to satisfy the establishment.

  2. Jeff says:

    I respect the hell out of that. Have you considered Gary Johnson, the Libertarian nominee? The more I read, the more I like.

    • swburke21 says:

      I can agree with Gary Johnson on a lot of what he stands for. But, if I’m going to vote for someone who isn’t going to be allowed to win, I’m voting for Ron not Gary.

      I stick to my previous prediction that Ron Paul may well arrive at the RNC with more delegates than Romney, but the rules will be changed and he will not be allowed to win. The Republican establishment would rather rig the system in order to prevent Paul from getting the nomination than accept what is coming their way. I also think that in order to screw Paul out of the nomination they will lie and claim that he is attempting to disrupt the party and keep it from uniting against Obama. If Romney loses to Obama, Paul supporters will be blamed.

      • Jeff says:

        I agree. The reason I am STRONGLY considering voting for Johnson is because he has a real chance to do something that’s never been done. He’ll (according to published reports) likely be on the ballot in all fifty states. If he’s able to get enough support, he might be included in the normally inclusive televised presidential debates. But what I’m focused on is New Mexico. He was apparently one of the most popular governors in state history and is still well-liked there. With New Mexico being a swing state, it might be possible for Johnson to win it. No libertarian has ever carried a state in a presidential election. This would be huge and would do wonders for a movement that is starting to gain ground.

      • swburke21 says:

        I can appreciate that train of thought. Personally, I am always glad to hear of someone who is taking their responsibility to vote seriously. Ultimately I would love to see everyone educate themselves on issues and vote based on what they believe in.

        Thanks for your insight, it is much appreciated.

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