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Read the story at the following link to better describe the title of this post.


Paul Krugman is a Keynesian “expert economist”. He is also full of shit.

The attached article shows why statistics can’t always be trusted and why simple manipulation of data can paint an entirely different picture than reality.

The article also shows that just because someone is considered an expert that doesn’t make them trustworthy or always correct. When it comes to economists Krugman is one of the most highly marketed men on television. His analysis is often considered the “official” word on economic conditions by many networks.

To keep with the running theme of this blog I feel this article proves once again that it is crucial to always question the official story.

My friend Kyle Herron, who wrote the previous post “Do We Really Need A Leader” for Less Than Unique, recently gave a speech to a local “Rock The Vote” event. Kyle was kind enough to pass on the text of this speech to share with the Less Than Unique readership.

Thanks Kyle.

“The biggest threat to a tyrannical government is a well-informed public.

I have spent the last few years of my life traveling to different countries around the world and spending time in their cultures. A common theme in most of these countries is a lack of individual liberties and an overbearing government. You see, the most important reason our Founding Fathers wrote the Constitution and enabled us to vote was to protect the liberties of every individual.

Each and every individual in this country has liberties that are endowed to them and cannot be taken away. We do not get our rights by being a certain race, religion, or the member of some group.

So where do we get our rights? Many will claim it is from a benevolent creator, and that may be a fact. But what about people who are not religious? Do they have rights?

The Declaration of Independence states that we are endowed with our rights by our creator. We all obviously exist so we were created by something. It could be nature, God, or our parents for that matter.
The simple fact is that we are all given those rights by being individual human beings.

While I was traveling the world I had several incidences where I was judged because of the group I belonged to whether it be Caucasian or American. Once I was forced to go to the back of the line in an airport and wait for all the native people to board before me, when I got on board I had to wait until the native people had been seated before I could sit in a less desirable seat.

These discriminatory tendencies are allowed in those countries because they believe that they received their rights based on what group they belonged to, not as individuals. These policies are great for the group that is in favor but not so great for those being held back. Don’t get me wrong I am not denouncing all governments, and I understand that government has a role that it must fulfill. But government must be under the close watch of an informed, and active citizenry.

Governments have the ability to, and the track record of attempting to fool their citizens into blindly following the leadership of the current administration. Sometimes those lies and propaganda have deadly consequences.

The Soviet Union forced millions of its citizens into forced labor camps where many of them died.  By the end of their rule they had murdered 61 million of their own people.

The Communist Chinese government murdered 35 million citizens.

We all know the stories that have come from WWII and the terrible death camps. Were you aware that it was not just the Jews who were persecuted? All of the German citizens were forced to wear armbands to identify them with a certain group. They also persecuted Jehovah witnesses, Gypsies, Homosexuals, and almost anyone with a mental illness. By the time the Nazi reign was over it had murdered 11 million innocent humans in an attempt to clear the earth of GROUPS of people.

Have any of you noticed a trend here? Powerful centralized governments murdering millions of people.

There is a reason the founding fathers set the separation of powers and the system of checks and balances into place. Many of the genocides took place under authoritarian governments where the people had little to no voice to speak out.

But the right to speak out and be heard is not something that can be taken away, it is something that is given up by the individual out of fear or in an attempt to gain stability. Martin Luther King Jr. once said “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”

All of these murders were aided by lies put out by the government and dressed up in propaganda campaigns. All of these could have been prevented if people understood that our rights are not given to us by the government, and the government has no right to take any of them away from any individual.

Being informed about bills and amendments being passed by your government is the first step in keeping  government in its proper role. I served overseas in two wars and I can tell you from first hand experience, ALWAYS QUESTION THE OFFICIAL STORY!

It blows my mind how people will shut down their train of thought as soon as the “Official story” has been produced. It is like they refuse to accept that our government is not all knowing. Our government has its own track record of lies and enforcement of unjust laws.

Slavery was only possible in America because government wrote it into law and enforced it through the barrel of a gun. After slavery had been done away with government enforced Separate but Equal laws and enforced them across the land. Even now to this day government continues to use race as terms to get a loan, a job, or an education. 

Haven’t we seen it time and time again? A government official dresses up the facts in front of congress, he gets called out on the lies he made to the American public and they brush it off like its nothing. Then American citizens laugh it off and say “all politicians lie.” The only reason politicians lie and get away with it is because we allow them to. It is our responsibility to hold them accountable. Why is it okay for a Politician to lie to its citizens, but it is a felony to for a citizen lie to Congress?

The only way to truly stop bigotry is to stop looking at people and associating them with groups, we must look at them for their individual qualities. We cannot continue to allow ourselves to be sectioned off into groups. We must force everyone to look at us as individuals who have certain inalienable rights given to us at birth.

We all know about SOPA and the attack on internet privacy.  Our elected officials are slowly trying to take more and more rights away in the name of security. The attack on the privacy of the internet is far from over, just because SOPA did not pass that does not mean they will not try again. Just look up the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA) How many of you have heard of the NDAA? More specifically sections 1031 and 1032.

Did you know that your government now has the ability to detain you indefinitely without a trial if you are suspected of being a terrorist? Did you know that the U.S military is now authorized to operate as Law enforcement inside of U.S borders now? Where do they get the authorization to do this? Not from the Constitution that is for sure.

They are able to do these things because we allow them to.

We allow them to do so by our silence on these issues. I hear a lot of people talking about how slow congress operates, or how it takes too long for our government to effect change. Though some people refuse to believe it, this is actually how our government was designed to work.
When governments are allowed to enact programs on the spur of the moment they are most often based purely on emotion.

Our founding fathers set procedures in place to slow our government down to prevent overreacting to the problems. The overreaction to a problem and the implementation of ill thought-out programs will lead to unintended consequences.

“Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly. I can never be what I ought to be until you are what you ought to be. This is the interrelated structure of reality” Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

You will have people who tell you should trust government, and that having distrust of government is just paranoid delusions . Nothing could be further from the truth . Not keeping a watchful, objective eye on your government is what leads to the slow decay of your rights as a citizen.

I ask you to look into each candidate that you plan to vote for. Fight bigotry and tyranny at home by voting for candidates who understand that you are an individual and that you cannot be grouped into the masses. You are special in your own way. With your own tendencies different from any other. Relish in your culture, enjoy your history, but embrace your individuality and let no one take it from you.”

From time to time I hear someone say that the institutionalized segregation of Black and White Americans ended as a result of the passage of the “Civil Rights Act”. To me a statement like this is similar to celebrating the government for ending prohibition……they created it in the first place!

I will concede that there were most likely some businesses that did feel compelled to desegregate as a result of the legislation rather than face penalty. I can’t argue that sometimes a law, no matter how overdue it is, can have the results it is intended to have, at least to some extent.  I do however argue that crediting the government with ending institutionalized segregation is wholly inaccurate and deeply disrespectful, I will elaborate later in the post on these statements.

I also believe that all individuals in this nation are equal, thus, they should be treated equally. The law cannot treat one group more favorably than another. It is this fact that determines the responsibility of the law to protect any individual from being discriminated against for being different.

With these statements made, I am going to offer my opinion on the Federal Government’s participation in segregation and desegregation in the USA.

To say that the United States Federal Government is responsible for desegregation is inaccurate and disrespectful. Millions of Black Americans risked their lives, risked their families lives, and peacefully fought to end institutionalized segregation in this nation. To credit government legislation for ending segregation is to discredit the efforts and struggle of those Black Americans.

What was accomplished by the Black Civil Rights Movement was monumental and unparalleled in American history. Similar to the American Revolution, this group of people was fighting for their right to exist as equals and not be subservient to any other group. Unlike the American Revolution the Civil Rights Movement was mostly peaceful. Sure, violence and bloodshed occurred, but the vigilance and determination of figures such as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. guided an overwhelmingly peaceful revolution. The successful desegregation of America was not done by government, America was desegregated by a motivated, organized, and intelligent movement of oppressed individuals who wanted to change things to embetter their lives.

I firmly believe that desegregation would have occurred sooner if it hadn’t been for the Federal Government. Terms such as “seperate but equal” were created at the hands of government. Laws and regulations perpetuated the problem and gave those practicing inequality a legal leg to stand on. The system was set up to allow for the oppression of Black Americans.  The apathy and racist tendencies of the majority allowed for the legal plunder of the minority, the exact problem that a Republican form of Government is intended to prevent. “The tyranny of the majority” is a side effect of democracy and was a key reason for the United States founding fathers adoption of a Representative Republic over a Democracy.

Bureaucrats capitalize on the struggles and successes of the oppressed to further their own agendas. They ride the coat tails of the real heroes and loudly credit themselves for the achievements of others. While they frequently fail to admit that they themselves or their uncontested counterparts were the origination of the oppression being fought.

Please, credit the revolutionaries, not the bureaucracy. People make the changes not government. Angry people who can’t suffer through government sanctioned intolerance any longer. Oppressed people who refuse to continue to be held down. Awakened people who defy the lies and propaganda they had been lulled to sleep with.

It is my pleasure to share this work with the readers of Less Than Unique.

Special thanks to Josh Tucker for allowing me to post his work on this topic. His explanation of Article 1 Section 8 is very well done. We are lucky to have people like Josh out there working on quality projects like this.

I encourage everyone that reads this to share it with friends.

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I am currently researching for and writing a 3 part post dealing with unemployment and the current state of the economy. I am attempting to funnel my limited time and efforts into creating the best quality analysis that I can.

This is difficult because I do not have internet at home for the time being and am forced to use my cell phone for all research and writing. I am also attempting to get 3 new business ideas off the ground, while working full time, being a dad, and caring for all of my other responsibilities. Posts are becoming more difficult to find time for and the frequency of my posts has decreased to about one a week. I apologize for my lackluster performance lately, but I am trying.

For now, here is a video courtesy of Bloomberg Television pitting Ron Paul and Paul Krugman against each other in a debate.


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