Good Riddance

Posted: April 11, 2012 in Big Government, Big Media, Politics, Ron Paul

As I previously predicted (in this post) Rick Santorum was the latest canidate to drop out of the race for the Presidency. Granted my timing was off, but let’s not nit pick it.  Rick didn’t give a specific reason for dropping out but I assume it is a combination of things, including that there is no prayer (no pun intended) that he could have won the general election. The establishment Republican party most likely demanded that he step aside. Being the “team player” that he is, Rick took his orders and quit.

Newt gingrich will be the next candidate to drop out. As you can see from his last few days of interviews he is floundering a bit. He is getting information/advice from different sides telling him whether to stay in or whether to go. Ultimately as cash flow finishes drying up and Rick Santorum supporters are pushed behind Mitt Romney by an inevitable endorsement of Romney by Rick, Newt will bow out of the race. He might well drag it out for awhile to get a little more publicity, but he will drop out soon. The political winds are blowing and the establishment is barking orders, the foot soldiers of the establishment will fall in line and do as they are told.

For all intensive purposes most of the public considers Ron Paul to be out of the race. The major television and radio hosts hardly ever even say his name and when they do they can’t even muster a few kind words. Supporters of Dr. Paul are routinely marginalized and written off as cult like followers of a man that has no chance of winning. In my opinion, the people who think this way are missing the boat completely. Ron Paul supporters are motivated, dedicated, organized, and idea oriented. The R3VOLUTION is not just about Ron Paul, it is about individual liberty, personal freedom, a limited constitutional government, and implementing a responsible fiscal policy as well as a sane monetary policy. These ideas are not hinged on the “success” of any one candidate.

I do not see Ron Paul quitting before the National Convention in Tampa. He is the flag bearer for an entire movement of ideals, if he quits then he signals that the movement has died. It is crucial that Ron Paul stay in until the end and continue to use the big stage to reach as many people as possible. The ideals of Liberty are spreading, despite what the major news outlets choose to ignore.

The establishment and its media goons will continue to push for and stand behind statist, big government hacks like Romney until the very end. You will see the masses duped by big media types like Beck, Hannity, Limbaugh and Levin shill relentlessly for Romney until his nomination. The cries for “laying down” arms and falling in line to vote Republican have been going on for months, they will reach a fever pitch now that Santorum is out. Unfortunately there are enough people out there, who want to be told how to vote, to win the nomination for Romney.

From here forward:

– Big Media will reiterate the soundbite that Mitt Romney’s nomination is inevitable.

– Big Media will continue to ignore Ron Paul even once he is the only candidate left besides Romney

– When Paul pulls down 30+ percent of the vote versus Romney the media will demand that he step out of the way because he is only muddying the waters and hurting the party.

– Paul will stay in until the convention. If he comes to the convention with more delegates than Romney (which is possible) the media hacks will claim that he is trying to “steal” the nomination.

– If he does successfully “steal” the nomination, the Republican Party will not rally behind him. New rules will negate his victory and Romney will become the nominee.

– A mass exodus of moderate and independent voters from the Republican Party will occur. The only way Romney can retain them is if he raises to the middle and panders to that part of the electorate. Which will alienate the conservatives. It is easy to see why the nomination of Mitt Romney will secure the successful re-election of President Obama.

If and when Mitt Romney is nominated as the Republican candidate for the Presidency, I will quit blogging about the Presidential race. I will instead begin focusing on smaller elections that will actually matter to the Liberty movement. If you know of a Liberty candidate that is running for office and you would like me to analyze their race, please comment on this post.


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