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The Government likes to tell us what we can and can’t do. Here is a list of government approved activities.

You may…..

Join the military at age 17 or get drafted at 18*

Just don’t try to smoke a cigarette, drink a beer or gamble before you go to die for your freedoms….

Have Sex*

*just don’t do it anally, or outside of your home, or unless you’re both over 18 (Im not advocating pedophilia with that last statement. Im referring to a situation where a 17 year old boy gets charged with statutory rape for having sex with his 16 year old girlfriend)

Get Married*

*after you fill out these papers, pay this fee, file the proper tax forms, and of course are of the opposite sex.

Eat Food and Drink*

*just not raw milk, raw beer, water from an uninspected well, in some places water from plastic bottles, soda but only after you pay the soda tax, fried chicken as long as it is free of trans fats, etc.

Work on your house*

*after you have obtained a building permit and paid the necessary fee, also throughout the process and after its completion you must pay for inspections. Some work may be required by law to contract a professional, even if you are fully capable. Work includes: installing a hot water tank, any electrical or plumbing repairs, structural changes or repairs, repairs to roofing, painting, pouring concrete, window replacement, etc.)

Grow a lawn*

*lawns are still allowed but care may be restricted in some areas. Watering, fertilizing, and mowing are all subject to oversight. Also, if you have a dog and he wants to poop in your grass, you need to pick it up and dispose of it in the garbage.

Open A Business*

*after you get a Federal EIN, a taxpayer identification number, file articles of incorporation with the state and pay an annual fee, file your EIN with the state, get a state sales tax number, create a state sales tax account. Then you can open up….wait no, now you need your building inspected, your floor plan approved, a city business license issued, in some cases state and/or federal licenses are required (all licenses have fees), property tax will also need to paid, now just hire employees?….nope not yet, each prospective employee will need a background check, drug test, and be reported to the state and the federal government as being your employee. Don’t forget to hire a person to worry about keeping up all of your taxes, licenses, and accounting. So now you’re pretty close to opening your business….assuming you have any time or money left to do so.

Babysit Your Friends Children*

* In some places you will need to first be licensed as a child care professional, also the people you are babysitting for may need to issue you a 1099 at the end of the year for your wages earned.

Have A Group of Friends Over For Game Night*

* In some areas a gathering of a group of people (over 2) inside of your home requires a permit and your “facility” faces inspection by the fire marshall to determine whether it meets the requirements set out for public gatherings locations (This could mean no Sunday Bible Study groups, no childrens sleepovers, no holiday family dinners, and no “game nights” without government approval)

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Happy Birthday Henry!

Posted: April 13, 2012 in Family


Today my son Henry turns 1 year old!

It is extremely exciting and somehow very sad at the same time.

In Henry’s first year his mother and I have seen his personality develop and we have witnessed what a sweet and happy child he is. Everywhere we go strangers stop and talk to him and they can’t help but smile and laugh at the big innocent grin he gives everyone he encounters.

Henry is known through our families as the baby who doesn’t make a big fuss about things. His laid back demeanor has been very complimentary to our lifestyle, we are on the go a lot and from a very early age Henry has been able to come along and enjoy activities with us.

In his first year some of his big adventures included:

– A trip to Branson and Silver Dollar City with his Mom, Dad, Aunt Sara, Aunt Stacey, and cousins AJ and LJ.

– Frequent dinners and lunches at area restaurants. Henry has wooed many a waitress and even a few waiters (one of which tried to take him home). He has solicited waves and smiles from across the restaurant out of everyone from teenagers to the elderly.

– A trip to Bass Pro Shops in Springfield where Henry got to see some huge fish, turtles, and lots of other neat animals. He also got to help Dad pick out some fishing lures.

– Attending a Ron Paul rally in Springfield where he won over all of the people sitting around us by sneaking up behind a lady in front of us and pulling her hair. He clapped with the crowd for Dr. Paul and shared our excitement for the event.

– A trip to Chuck E Cheese with his cousins AJ and LJ where he attempted his first ride, it ended with him trying to climb out in fear.

– Several hectic and tiring holiday’s spent driving back and forth to family dinners. Henry has always been a trooper and traveled very well, he also doesn’t give us a hard time with crazy holiday schedules.

– Attending the day care center full time. It was very difficult for my wife and I to send him to strangers for his daily care. But Henry has benefited greatly in his first year at day care, aside from a few black eyes, bumps and bruises, Henry has won the hearts of many of the teachers and developed impressively. It is rumored that he is the favorite little guy in the place and is known by the staff for his sweet nature and adorable smile.

– Learning sign language. He doesn’t know much but he can tell us that he is hungry without screaming. It has clearly alleviated the frustration that he must have been feeling as a result of being unable to communicate his most basic need. It was an incredibly proud moment when my son looked at me and touched his finger tips together to ask for “more”.

– Learned to walk. Henry began walking at 9 months, at one year old he is running and is very agile in his toddling. He is so curious and explorative that we must constantly be on alert, because he is trying to go everywhere!

I won’t go on and on about what he does and where he’s went, although I could for hours and never be tired of it.

This post is out of the norm for me because I don’t typically write about my family, because they are mine. I don’t want to share all of the details. But, at Henry’s first birthday I have been reflecting a lot on the last year and how greatly he has changed my life and my perspective on life. My little guy, who we affectionately call “Bear”, “Henry Bear”, “Baby Bear”, or “stinker”, was sent here to bring joy an happiness to anyone who was willing to accept it. He has had a profound impact on all of those around him and has been a blessing for us all.

I am the luckiest dad in the world, I have Henry.

Good Riddance

Posted: April 11, 2012 in Big Government, Big Media, Politics, Ron Paul

As I previously predicted (in this post) Rick Santorum was the latest canidate to drop out of the race for the Presidency. Granted my timing was off, but let’s not nit pick it.  Rick didn’t give a specific reason for dropping out but I assume it is a combination of things, including that there is no prayer (no pun intended) that he could have won the general election. The establishment Republican party most likely demanded that he step aside. Being the “team player” that he is, Rick took his orders and quit.

Newt gingrich will be the next candidate to drop out. As you can see from his last few days of interviews he is floundering a bit. He is getting information/advice from different sides telling him whether to stay in or whether to go. Ultimately as cash flow finishes drying up and Rick Santorum supporters are pushed behind Mitt Romney by an inevitable endorsement of Romney by Rick, Newt will bow out of the race. He might well drag it out for awhile to get a little more publicity, but he will drop out soon. The political winds are blowing and the establishment is barking orders, the foot soldiers of the establishment will fall in line and do as they are told.

For all intensive purposes most of the public considers Ron Paul to be out of the race. The major television and radio hosts hardly ever even say his name and when they do they can’t even muster a few kind words. Supporters of Dr. Paul are routinely marginalized and written off as cult like followers of a man that has no chance of winning. In my opinion, the people who think this way are missing the boat completely. Ron Paul supporters are motivated, dedicated, organized, and idea oriented. The R3VOLUTION is not just about Ron Paul, it is about individual liberty, personal freedom, a limited constitutional government, and implementing a responsible fiscal policy as well as a sane monetary policy. These ideas are not hinged on the “success” of any one candidate.

I do not see Ron Paul quitting before the National Convention in Tampa. He is the flag bearer for an entire movement of ideals, if he quits then he signals that the movement has died. It is crucial that Ron Paul stay in until the end and continue to use the big stage to reach as many people as possible. The ideals of Liberty are spreading, despite what the major news outlets choose to ignore.

The establishment and its media goons will continue to push for and stand behind statist, big government hacks like Romney until the very end. You will see the masses duped by big media types like Beck, Hannity, Limbaugh and Levin shill relentlessly for Romney until his nomination. The cries for “laying down” arms and falling in line to vote Republican have been going on for months, they will reach a fever pitch now that Santorum is out. Unfortunately there are enough people out there, who want to be told how to vote, to win the nomination for Romney.

From here forward:

– Big Media will reiterate the soundbite that Mitt Romney’s nomination is inevitable.

– Big Media will continue to ignore Ron Paul even once he is the only candidate left besides Romney

– When Paul pulls down 30+ percent of the vote versus Romney the media will demand that he step out of the way because he is only muddying the waters and hurting the party.

– Paul will stay in until the convention. If he comes to the convention with more delegates than Romney (which is possible) the media hacks will claim that he is trying to “steal” the nomination.

– If he does successfully “steal” the nomination, the Republican Party will not rally behind him. New rules will negate his victory and Romney will become the nominee.

– A mass exodus of moderate and independent voters from the Republican Party will occur. The only way Romney can retain them is if he raises to the middle and panders to that part of the electorate. Which will alienate the conservatives. It is easy to see why the nomination of Mitt Romney will secure the successful re-election of President Obama.

If and when Mitt Romney is nominated as the Republican candidate for the Presidency, I will quit blogging about the Presidential race. I will instead begin focusing on smaller elections that will actually matter to the Liberty movement. If you know of a Liberty candidate that is running for office and you would like me to analyze their race, please comment on this post.

“The Hunger Games” is about a powerful central government that controls every aspect of its citizens lives. Some in this society are more fortunate than others, they receive entertainment from the lower classes who are forced to compete in the hunger games. This higher class resides in a capital city far away from the strife of middle and lower class life, they are out of touch and apathetic. Their lives are so plush and carefree that their only concern is to obsess over entertainment, specifically the brutal contest of the hunger games.

The lower classes live meager lives with only the basic necessities available to them. These lower classes participate in the hunger games for a few reasons, mainly because they are forced to, but also because some see it as a way to gain favor with the affluent part of society, and some participate because it is prideful to win.

The more wealthy parts of the lower class participate as well, their motivation is to prove dominance over the lowest classes, reinforce superiority in society, and jockey for power within their class.

In the story, the government knows that without an event such as the hunger games the less fortunate populace would become tired of their poor living conditions, lack of personal freedom, and individual liberty. An insurrection would be very likely in a distractionless world. As a result of this viewpoint the hunger games are made to be a spectacle, propagandized and glorified to garner the attention of the masses. The event offers a glimmer of hope to the people who wish to fight for a better existence. Simultaneously the hunger games are used as a way to intimidate citizens, to remind them that the government’s power is so great that their children can be forcibly removed from them and killed, and there is nothing that can be done to stop it.

To summarize how I interpret “The Hunger Games” story: There is an all powerful highly centralized government that wants its subjects to have enough hope so as not to rise up and overthrow them as a result of this discontent. At the same time they wish to minimize the amount of hope that is felt by the people to stave off a coup resulting from an emboldened, hopeful population. They also use these games to reinforce their unquestionable power over the life of each individual under their rule.

I can’t help but relate this line of thinking to our current situation as Americans. Or even to world history.

The Roman people were shown displays of government favor in the forms of bread being tossed to coliseum crowds, festivals that went on for months, and barbaric displays of aggression that were held up as the best forms of entertainment. This society also regarded military service as its most honorable profession, and service was regarded as the best way for lower class individuals to be seen as part of the elite ruling class.

Today we get “government bread” thrown to us from time to time, Obamacare, American Reinvesment Act, Social Security, etc. The “freebies” pacify the masses as they laud their government for “doing the right thing”. A loyal following of apathetic, idealistic, “useful idiots” is created through this societal bribery. Our society voluntarily participates in the hunger games; the youth of the nation sign up for military service craving respect and honor, hoping to defend our nation from harm, and put their lives on the line to protect what they love. Then they are sent to fight political wars fueled by hateful rhetoric and at times baseless accusations. Galvanizing events are used to lobby support for the wars of aggression and maintain compliance among the populace. Media and government propaganda are utilized to influence the thoughts and beliefs of citizens in order to create strong pro war advocates. The idea of war only for self defense has been demonized and written off as “unpatriotic”. As war rages, the threat of military conscription keeps the young who do not volunteer for war in fear of what may happen, and their parents in fear for their children.

In “The Hunger Games”, the upper class are so disconnected from the lower classes who are forced to fight in the contest that they actually cheer and encourage the murder of children for their entertainment. It is a sick situation that was spawned from a ruthless bloodthirsty government bent on dominating its people. Today in America, Neo-Conservative Republicans talk about “flattening” countries, and turning desert nations “into glass”, simply because they practice a different religion or have a different form of government. The “nuke ’em” advocates dismissively ignore the massive amount of collateral damage that is inflicted on innocent civilians during conflict. Clearly the aggressive, bloodthirsty foreign policy that our government has chosen to pursue has created a mindset that shows little respect to human life.

We do not yet live in a complete totalitarian state. However, I feel that the parallels between today’s America and the future America portrayed in “The Hunger Games” are many. The future of our nation may well end up similar to the America depicted in the film as a result of trends we see today.

These are just the musings of a paranoid, conspiratorial, libertarian, nutcase. Ignore them if you choose, but don’t laugh at them, because while you sit and laugh, the ruling elite and special interest continue to dismantle and pervert the law to benefit their totalitarian state agenda.