Presidential American Idol

Posted: March 6, 2012 in Politics, Satire
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So here’s how it would work….

We get a panel of judges comprised of: members of all ethnicities, all religions, all adult age groups, all economic classes, employees of every industry, all sexual orientations, male and female alike. This panel of judges will help dwindle down the field of potential nominees.

Then we hold a talent contest, let’s say similar to Miss USA, swimsuit portion included. (Sarah Palin has past pageant experience, she might be a shoe in)

And this is a lengthy process stretched out over months and months where we hear personal stories and opinions and every time someone slips up the panel of judges eliminates them.

We tour with this talent show around the country from city to city and make as much money as we can off of the people following the progress of the show.

Then at the end we have a final performance, we have 3 competitors for the spot and a special panel selected by the first panel decides who gets the nomination at this final event.

After all of that, if the show doesn’t get cancelled from boredom the winner moves on to the grand finale where they get to take on last seasons winner.

So, do you think this model would be efficient and effective for the nomination of a candidate for President?……..


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