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If the Supreme Court deems Obamacare unconstitutional what will happen?

A)- Proponents will voluntarily band together and pay for health insurance for poor people.

B)- All the people counting on freebies will rise up and steal all of the money from the more fortunate, then out of their pure generosity and willingness to help others donate all the money they stole to the newly formed class of poor people.

C)- The Government will throw its hands in the air and leave healthcare alone.

D.)- Every person in the world will die at a young age from lack of health coverage.

What are your thoughts?


Many people tout the “successes of government” and express how much they believe the Federal Government has improved our lives. These people act as though we would all be living in dark caves and forced to hunt and gather if it wasn’t for our helpful big brother.

There is a particular fascination with crediting the office of the President with these “successes of government”. I contend that such idolization of leadership is dangerous to Liberty. America was founded on specific rules and guidelines that were intended to prevent the rise of a single powerful leader. Yet as a nation we allow the perception and practice of the office of President to gain power. To me, it seems that the more powerful the Presidency becomes, the more that these people consider the Federal Government to be successful.

So what has government really been so successful at doing?

There will be arguments from all directions about all of the great things that governments have done for societies throughout history.

But there is one particular task that governments have been the most successful at, and that task is killing people.

I’m not talking about deaths as the result of war at this point. I am only talking about institutionalized murder of the citizens of a nation by their government and deaths of citizens directly related to government policies. Here is a brief rundown of some of the biggest killers in recent history.

– Nazi Germany (Adolf Hitler) 11,000,000
+ 6 Million Jews
+ 5 Million Homosexuals, Minorities, Political Opponenets, Vagrants, Gypsies, Accused Criminals, etc.

– Peoples Republic of China (Mao Zedong) 40,000,000-70,000,000
+ Massive Starvation, Mass Suicide, Political Persecution

– Ottoman Empire (Young Turk Government) 1,000,000-1,500,000
+ Armenians, Assyrians, and Greek civilians because of their heritage

– Russia (Stalin) estimates range from 15,000,000-60,000,000
+ Executions, Famine, Gulag
+ Civilians, emigrants, political opposition

– Cambodia (Khmer Rogue, Pol Pot) 3,300,000-4,000,000
+ The population of Cambodia was just over 7 million before the genocide that killed about half of the nations population.

The total of the above government caused deaths ranges from 70,300,000 to 146,500,000 and I merely scratched the surface of the institutional killing that has went on for thousands of years by government’s throughout history. These societies were/are at various stages of wealth, education, and technology when the atrocities were carried out against their people.

When deaths caused by war are factored into this discussion, the numbers are astonishing. It is estimated that over 260,000,000 people (nearly equal to the current population of the USA) have been killed as a result of government policies and wars in only the last 100 years. Civilian and military deaths totaled 62,000,000-78,000,000 from WW2 alone. The country of Poland lost nearly 17% of its population to World War 2.

Would such a massive and destructive war have ever been able to take place without the cult of personality surrounding the leadership of the era? Would so many people have been massacred had governments not used military coercion to accomplish it?

Some may want to believe that America is somehow impervious to the type of monstrous behavior by government that I have highlighted. I hope that they are right. But history says it is only a matter of time before they are proven wrong.

Putting your trust and faith into government and what it tells you it is doing in your best interest is a dangerous position to place yourself in. Simply ignoring history and assuming that the people in charge will always be on your side is irresponsible.

*Statistics from this post were referenced from multiple sources. Since so much conflicting information exists on casualty figures I simply used ranges to encompass the various estimates. Most sources claim that a lack of records could mean that exact figures will never be known.

Rick Santorum’s big government side is beginning to shine through the blanket that Republican talk radio (GB, Hannity, Levin) has tried to put over it.

He has now publicly stated that he would “vigorously” work to end internet pornography if he is elected to the Presidency. (Vigorously Rick? Hahaha couldn’t he find a less pornographic way of saying it?) Add this new crusade to his opposition to equal rights for homosexuals, as well as his desire to bomb and pillage Iran and he has hinted for the same in Syria, then there are his establishment “team player” principles.

When you consider these points surely it is obvious why Rick Santorum is a front runner….he is definitely for the protection of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness (unless you are gay, muslim, or horny, then you don’t have those rights).

Please help spread the truth about Rick Santorum, I dont think everyone who supports him is aware of his extremist views. He claims that his priorities are fixing the economy and creating jobs (reducing unemployment). From his campaign rhetoric you could assume that those actually are his priorities. But, there are many interviews with Rick coupled with his prior history that show the contrary. In my opinion these are the strongest indicators of what he will actually prioritize to do once in office.

From his own words he will legislate from the oval office via executive order, I believe he will impose his extremist views on the general public through coercion and intimidation of Congress much like Obama has. I believe he will “fundamentally transform” America, just as his predecessor has done, if he is elected.

Do you remember candidate Obama? He talked about fixing the economy, and getting Americans back to work. We kept hearing whispers that he was a Marxist (in reality he is more of a Fascist), a few pointed out his troubling history on the topic of abortion, some suggested that he wouldn’t be the “peace” president that he was promising to be. In other words, the truth about candidate Obama was in his candid comments and his history as a state politician. What the Big Media covered was mostly empty campaign rhetoric. Don’t let this happen again. For whatever reason Rick Santorum is mostly getting a free pass from Big Media, as a result we may be headed toward another terrible Presidential election mistake in America.

Ominous title I know, but please read on.

I just recently listened to an audio book that my Dad lent to me titled “How do you kill 11 million people?” By Andy Andrews.

I will admit when Dad told me the title I was reluctant to listen, it seemed like it might be a little out there for me, but attempting to keep an open mind I took it and promised to listen. A few weeks later I found myself driving home and popped the CD into the radio.

The reading only takes about 15 minutes, but that was long enough to make my mouth hang open, make my eyes well up with tears, make the hair on my neck stand on end, and make me feel angrily defiant while simultaneously sick to my stomach.

I am not sure if this can be found on the net to listen to for free, but I know it is not expensive to purchase. If you do not want the audio version there is a written version available as well.

This is not a suggestion I make lightly, in fact I urge you to seek this out and read it or listen to it. But don’t just read it or listen to it, make it a point to listen or read this material in a quiet and focused environment and thoughtfully engage the topics included in it.

Again, please find this material. It is short, concise, well written, and easy to comprehend. If you find it compelling, share it with others.

What I find the most intriguing is that the author has every opportunity to choose sides politically while he covers the deception of the German people and how it lead to the holocaust, but he didn’t. He does not attempt to paint a negative picture of any particular set of values or political party, he tells the story in a way that it needs to be told.

I will be posting a few posts in the near future that are inspired by what I heard from “How to kill 11 million people”. Please check back and tell me what you think.

Thank You!

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I find myself wondering at times why I am writing a blog. I don’t really have a good answer.

I suppose it is because I am very opinionated and if I don’t express myself in some way I get very frustrated by keeping it in.

I started writing here assuming that nobody would read this. I would only get a couple of friends to look every now and then and of course my wife would try to read regularly to support me. But the response has been surprising.

This blog doesn’t have a huge audience and I have attempted very little to plug it anywhere to gain readers. But the audience continues to grow and Im not real sure how people are finding this, but they are.

I appreciate everyone who reads my take on the world and finds it interesting, whether they agree or not. I appreciate everyone who shares this blog on Twitter or Facebook or has linked me from their own WordPress blog. I appreciate the comments, suggestions, and encouragement I’ve received to this point and ask you to continue making suggestions and leaving comments.

In short, thank you everybody!

I have big ideas for Less Than Unique, and am currently exploring some options for the future of this blog as it relates to the Liberty movement. The next year will hopefully continue to provide exponential growth in readership and reader participation regardless of what avenue I choose to go down. Stay tuned!

Republicans and Democrats used to have some pretty significant differences between the two parties, today picking between the 2 is a lot like picking between a box of turds and a bag of turds. The packaging might be different but you’re still getting the same shitty product.

Social Policy

Do what we say you can do, go to jail if you do otherwise

Do what you want, just do it the way we say you can

Fiscal Policy

Print money, alter rates, play favorites, spend huge amounts on war and militarism.

Print money, alter rates, play favorites, spend huge amounts on entitlements and welfare

Foreign Policy

Make a few friends then bomb and pillage the rest of the globe on their behalf or in the name of “freedom”, arm rebels in foreign lands then a decade or two later fight the same rebels and the weapons we gave them

Make a few different friends then bomb and pillage the rest of the globe in the name of humanitarianism and international law at the expense of domestic/constitutional law, after the bombing and pillaging is over spend billions of dollars convincing the population that it was in their best interest and we should be friends

Size and Scope of Government

Government limited to only: entering numerous unconstitutional and undeclared wars, instituting religious morality as law, enforcing police state-esque policies against its citizens, instituting fascist policies of corporate welfare

Government is limited to only: instituting communist policies of redistribution of wealth, providing anything from cell phones and birth control to health insurance to the population via taxation, implementing racist policies such as affirmative action to stop racism

The Constitution and Bill of Rights

Claim to respect the constitution and abide by it while they strip us of our freedoms a little at a time.

Claim the constitution is a “living document” and excuse themselves of its responsibilities while they strip us of our freedoms a little at a time.

Office of The President

Use the Presidency to wage unilateral wars of aggression without congressional approval, bypass the legislative branch by using executive orders to impose their will

Use the Presidency to agree to international law and enter multilateral wars of aggression without congressional approval, bypass the legislative branch by using executive orders to impose their will

In my opinion this two party system is a massive failure. I also believe that anyone who votes by party and not by principles is contributing to the failures of our government. I have voted for Democrats, I have voted for Republicans, and I have voted for Libertarians, I have voted based on who I wanted to represent me and who stood for things that I believe in. Voting Republican just to “beat Obama” is stupid, vote Republican because you agree with the candidate. Voting Democrat because Republicans are evil corporatist’s bent on controlling the world is stupid, vote Democrat because you agree with the candidate.

In summary, a better informed electorate and thoroughly researching the candidates for office before voting for them is the real solution to the 2 party problem. Scumbag Politicrats will always take advantage of an uninformed and apathetic electorate and lie their way into power, it is up to us to stop them!

So here’s how it would work….

We get a panel of judges comprised of: members of all ethnicities, all religions, all adult age groups, all economic classes, employees of every industry, all sexual orientations, male and female alike. This panel of judges will help dwindle down the field of potential nominees.

Then we hold a talent contest, let’s say similar to Miss USA, swimsuit portion included. (Sarah Palin has past pageant experience, she might be a shoe in)

And this is a lengthy process stretched out over months and months where we hear personal stories and opinions and every time someone slips up the panel of judges eliminates them.

We tour with this talent show around the country from city to city and make as much money as we can off of the people following the progress of the show.

Then at the end we have a final performance, we have 3 competitors for the spot and a special panel selected by the first panel decides who gets the nomination at this final event.

After all of that, if the show doesn’t get cancelled from boredom the winner moves on to the grand finale where they get to take on last seasons winner.

So, do you think this model would be efficient and effective for the nomination of a candidate for President?……..