War with Iran now imminent.

Posted: February 7, 2012 in Big Government, War
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I have no idea what day it will start, but it will be before the 2012 election.

As a matter of fact, it may have already started.

Many European nations are set to begin a war of attrition against Iran by blockading the country and imposing international trade restrictions against them.

Recently India agreed to a gold for oil transaction with Iran. Saddam Hussein had plans to switch to a gold backed Dinar and away from the US dollar in oil transactions prior to the US invasion in 2003. Not coincidentally, Muammar Gadhafi had 150 tons of gold in his possession and was forming a group of African oil producing nations to begin trading oil in a gold backed African currency. Both were summarily removed from the planet and their fortunes were pillaged as a result. Iran is going down the same path.

We have 3 aircraft carrier groups in the region with a 4th in short sailing distance, the French have 1 close by as well. Gulf War 1 was fought using 4-5 carriers

The Pentagon recently ordered the deployment of 50,000 troops to 2 islands near the Straits of Hormuz.
Joining 50,000 in Saudi Arabia who left Iraq. 90,000 are currently in Afghanistan. Approximately 150,00 were used to invade Iraq in 2003. The new troops are set to arrive by March.

Pakistan recently stated that they would retaliate against anyone who strikes Iran.

Russia and China have vowed to aid Iran against any attack. So how do we keep them out of it? Probably through the guise of retaliation for a strike by Iran on the US or one of her allies.

What is mentioned above is called a “false flag”. This tactic has been used in the past. The Gulf of Tonkin incident is an example, the sinking of the USS Liberty is another. Some even claim that September 11th and Pearl Harbor were as well (I’m not sold on the last 2 but they’re worth mentioning).

The Big Media propagandists are beating the war drum louder every day. New headline after new headline read of the “dangers” and “radical behavior” of the Iranian government.

Is Iran a threat to the United States? Is Iran a threat to Israel? A lot of people feel the answer to both questions is yes. But, I think war is imminent regardless of the answer. The Keynesians need another war to “spur” the economy from depression. The scary part is that the last time we had a depression like this, a World War broke out.

Here’s hoping we don’t start World War 3.


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