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Sunday January 15th

Beginning Weight: 226
Current Weight: 203
Goal Weight: 185
Left to Lose: 18

I have lost 23 pounds since beginning my diet about a month and a half to two months ago.

How did I do it?

It hasn’t been easy, but I have been using Weight Watchers for Men. I watched my wife lose weight using weight watchers for women and I figured it could work for me too.

The awesome part of the program is that it keeps me accountable for what I eat, I use the meal tracker and it is surprising how sometimes you forget what and when you ate. If I wasn’t using the tracker I would not be as successful as I have been.

I would highly recommend the program to anyone who wants to try it. If you’re not willing to use the tracker and look at nutritional labels and cut down on the quantity of food that you eat, you are wasting your money.

I have recently seen Charles Barkley doing commercials for weight watchers, granted he has name recognition among most men, but the guy is a douche. So I am officially throwing my hat in the ring, nobody has a clue who I am but Im way better looking than Barkley. Weight Watchers, I will accept moderate to high pay and let you plaster my super manly manliness all over the TV to inspire other guys to lose weight in trade.

* Side effects of weight watchers may include: mild to moderate increase in attractiveness, lessening of double chin, mammary loss, and decrease in love handles.


NFL Playoffs, week 2

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Last Week Recap: I got 3 of 4 right, not so much on the scores but on the end result. Tebow threw me for a loop and the Broncos pulled it off in OT.

Playoffs Week Two

Saints @ 49ers

49ers are a really good team and very well rounded. Alex Smith has a chip on his shoulder so there is that chance of a breakout performance, unfortunately for the 49ers there is also the chance that he buckles in the spotlight. Drew Brees should be solid and make few mistakes, that is his typical style. I think Frank Gore will have 100+ and the SF defense will not let New Orleans run away with the game. It could actually very easily go to the 9ers, Im torn on this one, New Orleans by a whisker. San Fran is a helluva team, just not their time.

New Orleans by 3-10 points, potentially in overtime. Drew Brees 350+ 2TD, 1 INT. San Fran will have 1 defensive TD and 1 Special Teams TD.

Giants @ Packers

Giants defense showed its muscle against Atlanta and had Matt Ryan on the run, the Giants offense showed the strong running game that they can field as well. Here are the negatives to NY, the run game has been spotty and the secondary has been poor all season, the Packers can definitely take advantage of a weak secondary

The Packers are outlandishly good. The surgeon Rodgers could filet the porous Giants defensive backfield with short slants, seam routes, and take advantage of the fast D-Line with screens, and dump routes to their athletic tight ends. Their running game has been absent all year, but maybe there will be a repeat of last year and the run game will appear in the playoffs. I predict Rodgers will have 300+ yards passing 50+ yards rushing and the defense will have 2 INT’s of Manning and a likely 2-3 fumble recoveries of the RB’s and WR’s. I also predict a special teams TD by Cobb.

The Packers are my favorite team and I might be overestimating their dominance of the veteran Giants, I just think Rodgers is a machine incapable of letting me down. Packers by 14-20.


Houston at Baltimore

Am I the only person in America who sees the skills of this phenom QB in Houston? I think we have the next Tom Brady in our midst. This dude is calm, collected, and talented. He will slay Baltimore….now what’s his name again?

The true hero will probably not be Arian Foster or Andre Johnson, I think Ben Tate, Owen Daniels, or the yet to be identified QB will be. The #1’s in the Baltimore defense are superior, I think their weakness lies in stopping the TE and bruiser RB that Houston will most definitely field.

Baltimore is led by the mediocre Flacco and will likely rely on the run game to get points. Their defense will impact the game and cause problems for Houston throughout the game, Im just not sure that Baltimore can capitalize on those defensive advantages.

Houston by 7+, unknown QB 2 TD passes, Ben Tate 1 TD Rushing and 1 TD Receiving. Owen Daniels 1 Td Receiving.

Denver at New England

Tebow. The guy made me watch the Broncos play the Steelers last week. I have to say, I am intrigued by the whole deal. I’d like to see the Broncos win, but I have my doubts that they can pull it off.

The Patriots defense is less than impressive and there is a high likelihood that they could let ol Tommy down. But the Pats QB is outstanding and capable of putting the game away in the first quarter with laser accuracy and short demoralizing passing.

The playoffs always seem to have that surprise story, I don’t think Tebow will be it. I think in this game the Patriots defense will be a surprise though. They will step up and frustrate Tebow and the Broncos. Im betting against him again this week, let’s see what happens!

Pats by 2 scores. Tebow will have 50+ yards rushing, 1 TD pass. Brady will have 3 TD Passes and 300+ Yards

One has to wonder what the future holds. Here’s what I’m wondering about.

Are these coming to a street near you?

Will America experience something similar to the Arab Spring? Are the frustrations of the Tea Party and the Occupy movement going to boil over into the streets? Will the United States enter new wars in the Middle East and our citizens will stand up in outrage over furthering the war agenda?

The trends worldwide suggest that we will see civil unrest en mass if our economic problems are not corrected. How will our Federal/State/Municipal governments react, if or when this occurs? Will we see some non lethal weapons deployed? Will we see lethal force used? Will we see massive detention of those speaking out?

There are some weird things going on that raise questions I hoped we would never have to discuss in our country. FEMA is attempting to hire contractors capable of quickly setting up “internment camps” to house displaced people, the Army has been hiring detention/internment specialists, and there are currently units being trained for dealing with civil unrest domestically. The IRS has begun heavily arming itself and police forces nation wide are buying things such as military drones, armored personnel carriers, tanks, and stockpiling weapons and ammunition. The NDAA was recently signed into law allowing for the indefinite detention of US citizens without trial. Is our great nation slipping into a police state capable of implementing martial law and stripping citizens of their basic rights?

I encourage anyone reading this to research the above topics and see the evidence for yourself. There are youtube videos documenting “FEMA camps”, and maps available so you can find the one nearest to you. This stuff is for real, and nobody who is talking about it knows for sure what is happening. I suggest finding the evidence, pouring over it and drawing your own conclusion. I first heard of this about 5 years ago and thought it was crazy, but in the last 5 years a lot has happened to make me rethink my previous stance.

I said a couple of weeks ago, this is 2012, put on your tinfoil hats. I wasn’t kidding. I have a long term interest in conspiracy theories, alternative media, and most anything outside of the mainstream. I hope this topic goes over well because I am likely to post similar things in the future.

“Truth is treason, in the empire of lies”- Ron Paul

When you go against the mainstream political, economic, war message today you are labeled as some sort of anti-american, unpatriotic, crazed lunatic.

I love this quote from Dr. Paul because he addresses so much with so few words.

Today we live in an empire of lies.

The federal government tells us that they are doing things to help us, while passing and signing legislation that allows for the indefinite detention of citizens without trial.

The media tells us that Republicans want this and Democrats want that while consistently giving the most airtime to NeoCons and Progressives who support big government, never ending unconstitutional wars, deficit spending, and massive social engineering.

Candidates for president lie about their records and claim they support reforms that they have no intention of implementing.

Talk radio spews hateful, inaccurate, and slanderous vitriol about anyone who does not follow the statist quo….I mean status quo.

A Facist corporate welfare system exists between our federal government and select big business and special interest.

We have a President that claimed he would end the wars and bring peace, he even won a Nobel Peace prize. We are still in the wars and brewing several new ones.

A private entity controls and manipulates our currency through the monetization of the national debt and artificially setting interest rates. This entity is our “central bank”, the Federal Reserve.

The lies are broad, repeated adamantly, and in abundant supply.

Truth is treasonous.

When a Representative or Senator speaks out against big government, calls for a real reduction in spending, and reformation of foreign policy, he is labeled dangerous, crazy, and naive.

When a candidate or individual speaks about equal freedoms with liberty and justice for all, they are labeled out of touch and old fashioned.

When a group/movement appears and wants to influence governmental policy without strictly following the 2 party paradigm the media labels them as “racist” or “hippies” or “gun loving militants”. The slanderous talk radio mafia will take aim at anyone that will not further their careers and aspirations to determine policy through their microphones.

When the records of candidates are disclosed and questioned it is labeled as negative campaigning and therefore should be ignored.

When the relationship between big government and big business is discussed for what it is, corporate welfare, the excuses range from “too big to fail” to “necessary for national security”

When real solutions to our economic disaster are floated for discussion they are often pushed aside because they are, “harmful to national security”, “impossible to implement”, among several other weak arguments.

It is difficult to speak out against the status quo. It is difficult to withstand the pressure against you personally once you begin speaking out. You will be called names, you will be lumped into broad categories and labeled negatively, every word you utter can and will be analyzed for any hint of inconsistency. These are the tactics of the weak. Tacticts intended to discredit the messenger rather than refute the message.

Spread the message of the importance of advocating and defending personal freedoms and individual liberties.

Don’t let the empire of lies stop you from speaking the truth.

Very long and might need to be read in installments because of that fact. This article is a very in depth and detailed analysis. Check it out!

NFL Playoffs

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For what it is worth here are my predictions for this weeks NFL Wild Card Weekend Playoff games.


Cincinatti @ Houston

Houston is a good team. Cincinatti is a good team. Houston has defense and a run game and Cincy has defense and a run game. These 2 teams have the potential to put up big points as well….its hard to call, I hope Houston wins, so Houston by 10.

Detroit @ New Orleans

Detroit has the potential to put up 50+ on a mediocre Saints defense, but New Orleans has the potential to put up 50+ on any defense. Drew Brees is a more successful Dan Marino. New Orleans by at least 2 scores.


Pittsburgh @ Denver

Tebow isn’t very good, but Denver keeps finding ways to win with him at QB. Pittsburgh has some of my least favorite players on their team and a long term distaste for both of these teams really makes me not want to watch this game at all. Rothlisberger will undoubtedly “injure” himself at some point and “play through the pain”. There will be an abundance of camera shots of his grimacing face and hobbling jog down the field. He is so courageous. Tebow will not pass well, Denver will run the ball a bunch and not real successfully. Pittsburgh by 2 scores. Then thankfully the game will be over.

Atlanta @ NY Giants

Should be an interesting game. I think this game has the most potential for being an exciting and eventful game. Lots of playmakers on the field, a few known and several not well known. Julio Jones and Roddy White are big time receivers capable of changing the game in favor of Atlanta. The problem will be if Matt Ryan is flat on his back how can he pass to them? Look for a steady diet of Michael Turner and Tony Gonzalez early, then Atlanta will try to burn NY deep. NY will come out and pound the ground and periodically hit the seams successfully. I imagine a close game into the half and through most of the 3rd quarter. At that point something will give and one team will start to put it away. I predict that team will be the Giants. Giants by 13


Houston vs. Green Bay

Houston Wins