South Carolina Predictions

Posted: January 16, 2012 in Politics, Ron Paul
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If you have read my NFL Playoff predictions then you know not to put much stock into this post, but I can’t help myself.

The GOP field will be one less after Jon Huntsman formally drops out on Monday. This makes me wonder who will be left after South Carolina.

This is how I predict South Carolina will effect the race.

Romney will win, but the margin will be much smaller than in New Hampshire. Nevertheless, the corporate media will kiss his ass and talk about how historic it is and how the race is over.

Paul will finish 2nd. It will be a strong 2nd, and it should raise more eyebrows inside the establishment, unfortunately it probably wont. The big media will ignore him just as they have in the last 2 states.

Here’s where I think it gets tricky.

If Perry comes in 3rd then I think he stays on the campaign trail to Florida and Nevada. If Santorum or Gingrich comes in 3rd then Perry is done. Perry skipped New Hampshire and made his big bet on South Carolina, if that bet doesn’t pay off he will drop out.

I think Santorum is going to stay on board until Florida (regardless of his finish in SC) where unless he finishes in the top 2 he will drop out as well.

Newt is impossible to read because he has no organization, and the funding for his campaign has been weak. If he does well in South Carolina 2nd or 3rd then he will ride it out as long as he possibly can. He seems like he just loves to hear himself talk and be on TV so I think he hangs around trying to make a splash.

I predict that Romney wins SC and Florida then Paul will take Nevada. The most important thing is that the delegates will remain close between Romney and Paul and after all the other jokers drop out it should get very interesting.

  1. kevinbell22 says:


    Just catching up on your posts. Everytime I hear Newt Gingrich, I think of Monty Python and the Holy Grail. I like that movie, but if he were the nominee…..and then elected President…..and I had to think about that movie everyday for 4 years, I would go bald.

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