Coming to a street near you?

Posted: January 11, 2012 in Big Government
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One has to wonder what the future holds. Here’s what I’m wondering about.

Are these coming to a street near you?

Will America experience something similar to the Arab Spring? Are the frustrations of the Tea Party and the Occupy movement going to boil over into the streets? Will the United States enter new wars in the Middle East and our citizens will stand up in outrage over furthering the war agenda?

The trends worldwide suggest that we will see civil unrest en mass if our economic problems are not corrected. How will our Federal/State/Municipal governments react, if or when this occurs? Will we see some non lethal weapons deployed? Will we see lethal force used? Will we see massive detention of those speaking out?

There are some weird things going on that raise questions I hoped we would never have to discuss in our country. FEMA is attempting to hire contractors capable of quickly setting up “internment camps” to house displaced people, the Army has been hiring detention/internment specialists, and there are currently units being trained for dealing with civil unrest domestically. The IRS has begun heavily arming itself and police forces nation wide are buying things such as military drones, armored personnel carriers, tanks, and stockpiling weapons and ammunition. The NDAA was recently signed into law allowing for the indefinite detention of US citizens without trial. Is our great nation slipping into a police state capable of implementing martial law and stripping citizens of their basic rights?

I encourage anyone reading this to research the above topics and see the evidence for yourself. There are youtube videos documenting “FEMA camps”, and maps available so you can find the one nearest to you. This stuff is for real, and nobody who is talking about it knows for sure what is happening. I suggest finding the evidence, pouring over it and drawing your own conclusion. I first heard of this about 5 years ago and thought it was crazy, but in the last 5 years a lot has happened to make me rethink my previous stance.

I said a couple of weeks ago, this is 2012, put on your tinfoil hats. I wasn’t kidding. I have a long term interest in conspiracy theories, alternative media, and most anything outside of the mainstream. I hope this topic goes over well because I am likely to post similar things in the future.


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