Truth Is Treason, In The Empire Of Lies

Posted: January 9, 2012 in Big Government, Politics, Ron Paul
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“Truth is treason, in the empire of lies”- Ron Paul

When you go against the mainstream political, economic, war message today you are labeled as some sort of anti-american, unpatriotic, crazed lunatic.

I love this quote from Dr. Paul because he addresses so much with so few words.

Today we live in an empire of lies.

The federal government tells us that they are doing things to help us, while passing and signing legislation that allows for the indefinite detention of citizens without trial.

The media tells us that Republicans want this and Democrats want that while consistently giving the most airtime to NeoCons and Progressives who support big government, never ending unconstitutional wars, deficit spending, and massive social engineering.

Candidates for president lie about their records and claim they support reforms that they have no intention of implementing.

Talk radio spews hateful, inaccurate, and slanderous vitriol about anyone who does not follow the statist quo….I mean status quo.

A Facist corporate welfare system exists between our federal government and select big business and special interest.

We have a President that claimed he would end the wars and bring peace, he even won a Nobel Peace prize. We are still in the wars and brewing several new ones.

A private entity controls and manipulates our currency through the monetization of the national debt and artificially setting interest rates. This entity is our “central bank”, the Federal Reserve.

The lies are broad, repeated adamantly, and in abundant supply.

Truth is treasonous.

When a Representative or Senator speaks out against big government, calls for a real reduction in spending, and reformation of foreign policy, he is labeled dangerous, crazy, and naive.

When a candidate or individual speaks about equal freedoms with liberty and justice for all, they are labeled out of touch and old fashioned.

When a group/movement appears and wants to influence governmental policy without strictly following the 2 party paradigm the media labels them as “racist” or “hippies” or “gun loving militants”. The slanderous talk radio mafia will take aim at anyone that will not further their careers and aspirations to determine policy through their microphones.

When the records of candidates are disclosed and questioned it is labeled as negative campaigning and therefore should be ignored.

When the relationship between big government and big business is discussed for what it is, corporate welfare, the excuses range from “too big to fail” to “necessary for national security”

When real solutions to our economic disaster are floated for discussion they are often pushed aside because they are, “harmful to national security”, “impossible to implement”, among several other weak arguments.

It is difficult to speak out against the status quo. It is difficult to withstand the pressure against you personally once you begin speaking out. You will be called names, you will be lumped into broad categories and labeled negatively, every word you utter can and will be analyzed for any hint of inconsistency. These are the tactics of the weak. Tacticts intended to discredit the messenger rather than refute the message.

Spread the message of the importance of advocating and defending personal freedoms and individual liberties.

Don’t let the empire of lies stop you from speaking the truth.


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