NFL Playoffs

Posted: January 7, 2012 in Predictions, Sports
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For what it is worth here are my predictions for this weeks NFL Wild Card Weekend Playoff games.


Cincinatti @ Houston

Houston is a good team. Cincinatti is a good team. Houston has defense and a run game and Cincy has defense and a run game. These 2 teams have the potential to put up big points as well….its hard to call, I hope Houston wins, so Houston by 10.

Detroit @ New Orleans

Detroit has the potential to put up 50+ on a mediocre Saints defense, but New Orleans has the potential to put up 50+ on any defense. Drew Brees is a more successful Dan Marino. New Orleans by at least 2 scores.


Pittsburgh @ Denver

Tebow isn’t very good, but Denver keeps finding ways to win with him at QB. Pittsburgh has some of my least favorite players on their team and a long term distaste for both of these teams really makes me not want to watch this game at all. Rothlisberger will undoubtedly “injure” himself at some point and “play through the pain”. There will be an abundance of camera shots of his grimacing face and hobbling jog down the field. He is so courageous. Tebow will not pass well, Denver will run the ball a bunch and not real successfully. Pittsburgh by 2 scores. Then thankfully the game will be over.

Atlanta @ NY Giants

Should be an interesting game. I think this game has the most potential for being an exciting and eventful game. Lots of playmakers on the field, a few known and several not well known. Julio Jones and Roddy White are big time receivers capable of changing the game in favor of Atlanta. The problem will be if Matt Ryan is flat on his back how can he pass to them? Look for a steady diet of Michael Turner and Tony Gonzalez early, then Atlanta will try to burn NY deep. NY will come out and pound the ground and periodically hit the seams successfully. I imagine a close game into the half and through most of the 3rd quarter. At that point something will give and one team will start to put it away. I predict that team will be the Giants. Giants by 13


Houston vs. Green Bay

Houston Wins

  1. Dalton/Green are playing better than Yates w/ one shoulder/Johnson who hasn’t played in weeks. I think the Bengals steal a win here but I agree with the other 3. You’re one of the only people who, like me, believe the Giants D-Line will get after Matt Ryan. Good post

    • swburke21 says:

      Bengals are the obvious choice, I just think the Texans are this years surprise team. Texans run game is second to none in that side of the bracket, they can eat up the clock and dominate. It will be interesting any way you look at it.

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