Hello world!

Posted: November 18, 2011 in introduction

This is my official attempt at expressing my thoughts and feelings about life, politics, sports, family, and the world in an observational and hopefully comedic way. If, ok not if, When I offend you, please rememeber this is all in good fun. If we can’t laugh at ourselves as much as others then what is the point in laughing at all? I guess the point would be to laugh at the less fortunate. That would be cruel. So pretend you’re laughing at the similarities between them and you and you’re in the clear.

Grammar, punctuation, and spelling will NOT be a priority for me. If this bothers you, then fuck off. If you’re easily offended by cussing, graphic imagery, and relentless bullshit, then as stated above, fuck off. If you’re enjoying this ranting style of expression that frequently meanders into story telling and attempts at philosophy then by all means leave me a comment. If you’re not enjoying it, then tear me a new one. I will treat all commenters equally. I will gladly argue with you, unless you’re a dipshit. So please enjoy!

  1. woody says:

    I think ur full of shit lol

  2. kevinbell22 says:

    I AM very particular when it comes to proper grammar, but you did use the correct form of ‘you’re’ twice now. So I will continue reading. In my opinion, if someone cannot distinguish between you’re and your or between to, too and two….they shouldn’t be writing. Or talking. Hmmm, I think I may have something new to blog about now!

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